Zika Virus is More Dangerous Than Dengue, Know What Its Prevention And Symptoms

Zika virus that has spread panic in many countries has reached India. Recently, 22 people have been found infected with Zika Virus in Jaipur. Mostly Zika virus victims are pregnant women. The children of the suffering women are born with an undeveloped brain. The disease was first detected in Latin American countries. Let’s know the history, symptoms, and methods of prevention.

The Zika mosquito’s virus is spread through the bite of Aedes mosquito; this mosquito remains active during the day. Study of its effect In 1947, Zika was first detected in the animal community (monkeys) when this infection spread to Uganda’s forest in East Africa.

In 1952, the first Zika infection was found in humans. Until 2007, Zika transition was found only in parts of Africa and Asia. In 2007, a major outbreak was reported from Oceania (the island of Yap, the federal states of Micronesia). In 2016, when many cases were detected in Brazil (South America), WHO declared the spread of the virus as an emergency for public health. Now 22 cases of Zika Virus have been reported in Jaipur in Rajasthan in 2018.

Symptoms of Zika

The Zika virus is actually a disease of the nervous system which is very rare. Those scientists also call the Guillain-Barre syndrome. The victims have complained of light fever, conjunctivitis (red pained eyes), headaches, joint pain, rashes in the body.

How long, People Are Victim Of Zika?

According to the research done so far, people are victims of this virus up to a week after mosquito bites. Explain, if its virus reaches semen, then it lasts for almost two weeks. This is the reason why people living in Zika-affected areas are advised to make a safe sex. In such areas, people are also forbidden to donate blood.

Rescue Measures

The same way to avoid the mosquito spreading the Zika virus which you do to avoid dengue. Use of mosquito nets, do not allow water to stay, cleanliness around, wear whole cloth in mosquito area and use mosquito killer items. However, the American National Institute of Health It is said that the trial of the Zika vaccine has started. They will soon be in the market.

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