You Should NEVER Do These 10 things On Your Smart Phone

An Android phone is very important for the user. It is one of the most prized possessions, a statement stating who the user is and for some a place for keeping all your secrets. And still a lot of us do not really protect our mobile phones properly. Sometimes we do some daft things which can cause serious damage to the data.

Below are some of the common mistakes which the Android phone users should avoid:

  1. Do not use screen lock

In an age where almost our whole life exists in our smartphones, not using the lock screen option can prove to be quite costly for some. Establishing a passcode or some blocking pattern does not involve any extra efforts and considerably increase the security of the phone.

In case of a theft, it helps the user as the thief can’t make calls, access your personal files, etc. Once the phone is stolen, you can easily lock your phone or locate it with the help of the Android Device Manager.

Unlock pattern is very easy and increases security of the phone.

  1. Ignoring the phone updates

Low autonomy, failure of security, data connection error, overheating are some of the issues faced when you don’t follow the phone updates. The solution to a number of such problems is made with the help of software updates, both the individual applications and operating system. Thus, it is very important to keep your phone updated.

  1. Charge the mobile through USB

Charging the mobile by connecting it to the computer through a USB is a way slower process than through plugging it in. It’s suggested that you check your charger if it’s working properly before charging your phone. You also need to check if the charger is compatible with charging technology of your phone.

  1. No back-up

The photos, files and other stored data on the computer may disappear forever if your phone is stolen or damaged. Thus, it’s suggested that you always keep all your files and data stored in the device on your computer or some other device where it is safe.

  1. Storing all data in cloud

Just like it is risky to keep all your files on your phone, storing all your data on the cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox can also prove to be fatal at times. All these platforms can be easily hacked. So your personal files and photos might reach some unsafe hands. Always try to use apps like BoxCryptor for increasing the security of your data and make copies of it on the physical media.

  1. Leave your phone charging throughout the night

Considering the improved autonomy of almost every phone, leaving it charging all night is a good way of ensuring that you have sufficient battery for the next day. However, excessive charging can cause the battery of the phone to withstand less in long term and even cause severe heating issues.

It is better to leave your phone on plane mode during night in order save maximum battery for the next day.

  1. Don’t let your phone overheat

You must have definitely heard a lot of stories about Android phones exploding. While the culprit is generally a badly made knock off battery or a charger, there’re still some charging issues that you need to consider. It is a very bad idea to let your phone charge at a warm place. This will make the battery run to almost zero which is bad for the longevity of the phone.

  1. Do not leave your phone’s screen exposed

Gorilla glass is perfect but it does not protect the phone completely. While it takes really a lot to damage or break the screen of the smartphone, it also claims a good amount of money for replacing one. So make sure your screen is protected with screen guards and cases.

  1. Do not leave it in rain

These days, most of the phones come with a waterproof screen. But, in case your phone is not waterproof, then extreme humidity and dampness can prove to be quite harmful for the phone. Thus it is important to keep the phone safe from water.

  1. Do not keep the pictures of your bits

Everyone likes taking selfies, but it is very important to keep the pictures safe. Especially when you give your phone to someone else.


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