World’s Most Dangerous And Adventurous Railway Tracks – All You About To Know

If you are passionate about adventure, then definitely watch these dangerous railway tracks in the world, whose journey you will always remember.

If you really want to enjoy the trip then plan to go by train instead of flight or road. It doesn’t even know when the journey is passed. It is not so difficult to get an idea of the elevation of a high mountain, a deep low trench, sometimes a tunnel, and sometimes going through the middle of the ocean, the adventure of sitting in the train. There are many such places in the world, where the path to reach is very challenging, but those who are passionate about adventure also love a lot. Let’s know about such dangerous railway tracks:-

There are 340,000 cherry trees in the Jinhae of South Korea and the cherry blossom celebrated every year is very popular among the tourists. Flowers fall down here and fall on the ground. Gyeonghwa Station is also in this area which further enhances the beauty of this place.

This strange market of Thailand is in the west of Bangkok. Fruits and vegetable shops are kept in this market throughout the day. In Maeklong’s market, it is a sight to see, when the siren blowing train passes through it. As soon as the train arrives, people take vegetables and fruits together. After the train passes, this market looks like it again. Not one or two, many times a day, vendors have to do this. The journey of this train passing through 15 stations is different. The three-feet long train travels from Bangkok to Thailand.

9,289 kilometers long this route is called the world’s longest railway line. The trans-Siberian railway track connects the sea from Moscow to Russia and Japan. This line is also connected to the lines of Mongolia, China, and North Korea. It was connected to Vladivostok in Moscow in 1916 and still continuing to work on it. The construction of the Siberian railway line began in 1891.

Located at an elevation of 13,850 feet above sea level, this railway track is 224 meters long. This railway track, especially attracting tourists, is in Salt Province, Argentina. This service is given on the C-14 line of Ferrocarril General Manuel Belgrón. It is considered the world’s third highest railway track. There are 29 bridges, 21 tunnels, 13 viaducts, 2 spirals and 2 zigzags on this railway line. In 1889 the first train was run on this route. This name of this railway track was due to a film shot in 2005 by the students. The 7-hour train’s Journey has many unique views.

Switzerland’s Landwasser Viaduct Track, which is called the unique example of architects, is built on the Railway Bridge Landwasser River. The 65-kilometer long track is no less than an adventure. On one side there is a deep tunnel on one hand and a long tunnel on the other side. The 6 curved pathways available during the journey give a different perspective. The bridge was built in 1902, 213 feet high and 446 feet long. This bridge, which connects filisur to the city of Schmitten in Switzerland, was designed by Alexander Atakos. At the same time, this bridge was built in the supervision of Muller and Jilleler for the Haitian Railway.

About 640 feet high, this railway track is famous among tourists for adventure. This track, which was passing through the deep hills of George Town and Silver Plum, was built in 1884. This bridge with four bridges is also known as Pooldevil Gate High Bridge. This line of Colorado and South Railway was brought in the work of carrying goods along with the journey in 1899-1938.

People coming to Thailand, the first thing that goes to see is the bridge built on the Kwai river, which is quite popular among the tourists. This rail track, 415 kilometers long between Bangkok, Thailand and Rangoon, Burma, is called Death Railway because more than 90,000 people died due to falling in the river while constructing this railway track.

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