World’s Longest Sea Bridge Between China And Hong Kong

The world’s longest sea bridge connecting China’s city of Zhuhai to Hong Kong and Macau, will open on October 24 for road traffic. The 55-km-long bridge is located in Lingdingang Water area of ​​Pearl River Escherichi. The project of 20 billion dollars (about Rs 1.5 lakh crore) was started in 2009.

China has shocked the whole world by creating a 55-km sea bridge. It is the longest sea bridge in the world. The bridge will connect Hong Kong to China’s southern city of Zhuhai and Macau’s Gambling Enclave. The construction of this bridge, built for nine years, has 60 times more steel is spent than the Eiffel tower.

According to the Chinese media, it took six years for its preparation and its work was completed on December 31, 2017. This longest bridge in the world will not be able to walk on foot. At the same time, the car coming from China must change its side in the road before entering Hong Kong. Because in Hong Kong, traffic like India runs on the left. It also constructed a 6.7 km tunnel under water, which connects two artificial islands.

Saving Of Time

Traveling from Hong Kong to China’s city of Zhuhai takes 3 hours. After the bridge starts, it will take 30 minutes to travel.


This bridge connects 11 cities of South China including Hong Kong and Macau, where the houses of 6.8 million people. It will also be used for the next 120 years and will increase the business. Time to travel will decrease by 60 percent.


Private car owners in Hong Kong will not be able to cross the bridge without a special permit. For this, they have to park the car at the Hong Kong port. Then take the help of shuttle bus service or special cars. Shuttle buses for a trip will recover from 8 to 10 dollars. Pedestrians will not be able to run on this bridge.


Seven workers have died since the construction of the bridge began. While 129 people have been injured. Most of the accidents were caused by falling from high altitude.

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