The Top 10 Most-Followed Celebrities on Instagram in 2017

1. Selena Gomez: 117 million followers 2. Ariana Grande: 103 million followers 3. Taylor Swift: 100 million followers 4. Beyoncé: 99.7 million followers 5. Kim Kardashian: 98.1 million followers 6. Cristiano Ronaldo: 97.8 million followers 7. Kylie Jenner: 91.8 million followers 8. Justin Bieber: 84.5 million followers 9. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: 83.4 million followers 10. Kendall Jenner: 78.7 million followers

Top 10 Photos Of Breathtaking Bridges Around the World

#1 New River Gorge Bridge, USA #2 Gateshead Millennium Bridge, UK #3 Verrazano—Narrows Bridge, USA #4 Infinity Bridge, UK #5 Wushan Yangtze River Bridge, China #6 Sidu River Bridge, China #7 Landwasser Viaduct, Switzerland #8 Serreria Bridge, Spain #9 Yokohama Bay Bridge, Japan #10 Bixby Creek Bridge, USA  

Top 10 Famous Temples, Churches and Mosques from Around the Globe

#1. Meenakshi Amman Temple in India #2. Paro Taktsang Temple in Bhutan #3. Saint-Pierre Church in France #4. St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia #5 The Hassan II Mosque in Morocco #6. St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery in Ukraine #7. Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe Chapel in France #8. Cathedral of Brasilia in Brazil #9. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi #10. Phraya

Young Age Photos of US Presidents

Guys and Girls, here are some rare photos of US Presidents at a young age. The US presidential election is no beauty contest. Be it Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt or Barak Obama, Presidents of USA  are the most influential people in the world cherished and loved for