Why You Should Take Green Tea Daily

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is known to be one of the healthiest beverages on earth today. It contains antioxidants and some important nutrients which have a powerful effect on our body. Some of the benefits that green tea offers include fat loss, improved brain functioning, etc.

Improves the heart health

A report by Harvard Medical School has proved that green tea helps in protecting the heart and preventing various diseases. It also states that Green tea helps in lowering levels of bad cholesterol which otherwise directly contributes to the heart diseases. Green tea also dramatically enhances antioxidant capacity of the blood that in turn, helps in protecting the heart from the reactive oxygen species and preventing heart attacks. It has also been found that people who consume green tea have 31% lower chances of heart ailments.


Regulates blood pressure

The long-term intake of this beverage is associated with enhanced levels of blood pressure. The studies suggest that consuming 3-4 cups of green tea helps in regulating blood pressure. A study has also stated that due to low blood pressure (because of the consumption of green tea); the users also experienced a reduction in the coronary heart ailments risk by as much as 5% and strokes by 8%.

Lowers risk of Type II diabetes

Green tea also helps in sensitizing the cells so that they can metabolize sugar, improve the symptoms of diabetes. It even works well for diabetics as it improves the metabolism. Also, green tea regulates the levels of glucose in the body, thereby cutting the risk of diabetes.



Helps weight loss

The EGCG present in green tea is also quite helpful. The antioxidant helps in boosting the metabolism aiding the process of weight loss. This tea also helps in mobilizing fats from the fat cells. The active compounds present in green tea also boost effects of some fat-burning hormones.


Helps in relieving arthritis

EGCG plays an important role in relieving arthritis. It restricts the production of some molecules in the body which otherwise lead to arthritis pain and inflammation. The tea also promises to improve the health of the cartilage and bones.



Promotes longevity

Several studies have shown that Japanese diet which incorporates green tea can enhance life longevity. It may be attributed to different ways in which this tea impacts the health of an individual positively.


Boosts Immunity

The catechins present in green tea also play an important role in improving the immunity of the body. It helps in protecting the body against radicals and oxidants, enhancing the immunity. EGCG present in green tea also has an ability to increase the T cells which help in improving the immunity function and suppressing the autoimmune diseases.



Improving the brain health

Green tea contains caffeine but not like coffee. Thus, it offers all the benefits related to caffeine without giving any jittery effects of the excess of it.

So these are some of the health benefits related to green tea which makes it one of the favorable beverages throughout the world.

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