Vinesh Phogat Has Announced Her Engagement As Soon As She Gets The Gold Medal

Vinesh Phogat, India’s international wrestler and recently won the gold medal in India for Asian Games, announced her engagement. Vinesh Phogat shares her pictures with her fiance on his official Instagram account. Vinesh’s uncle, Sajjan Balali, confirming that the children are capable of taking their own decisions.

Golden Girl Vinesh Phogat, who gave gold to the country in Asian Games, has announced that she will marry Somveer Rathi, who lives in Sonipat. Somveer is also a wrestler and has won a bronze medal in the national championship. Vineesh has disclosed this to his official Instagram by sharing the picture of Somveer.

Vinesh shared a picture with Somveer, “It is the best decision taken by me, so I am happy that you have chosen me for life.” After winning the gold medal in Asian Games, according to the news, Vinesh is in Germany with Somveer these days. Let us know that a few days ago, news of Vinesh and Javelin throwing player Neeraj Chopra’s affair had also come.

However, Vinesh had a great deal of sadness on these reports and had expressed this fact by tweeting. During the all-Asian Games, Neeraj had reached Vinesh’s match and he also shared a picture from there. After which a newspaper had made a fake report of both of these affairs and Vinesh Phogat was greatly hurt by this matter.

Who is Vinesh Phogat?

Vinesh Phogat is the cousin of India’s star wrestler Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat and daughter of the younger brother of Dronacharya Award winner Mahavir Phogat. Vinesh has a younger sister too. Vinesh has also coached Mahavir Phogat.

Who is Somveer Rathi?

Somveer Rathi is a resident of Sonipat’s Kharkhoda. Somveer is also a wrestler and he won the Bronze Medal at the National Championships. He is currently doing the job of TTE in the Indian Railways in Rajasthan. Vinesh also works in the Indian Railways.

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