Valentines Day 2019 – Finally, The Examination DateSheet Of Love Is Released

The beginning of February is not long. As the week of love and expression begins, the youth are eager to make their emotions in words. Well, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, but even before that, youngsters gather in its preparation. The enthusiasm of this festival, all week long, speaks to the heads of the youth.

Valentine’s Day 2019 List

1. Rose Day

Valentines Week begins with the fragrance and beauty of the rose. By the way, the lovers add a red rose to each other and express their heart words. But the speciality of the day is that you can celebrate this day with your friend, crush even the enemy. This is possible because white and yellow, and red to black, every rose has different meanings.

2. Propose Day

Propose Day, the second day of valentine day is celebrated on February 8. If you love someone with heart and soul and want to propose it, then choke the chance and propose them only. If you have already proposed someone and are in a relationship then take them from a good date to a date.

3. Chocolate Day

Whether to remove stress or to express love to someone, chocolate has been an important part of people’s lives for the last 200 years, in different ways. To celebrate chocolate-like sweetness in your relationship, this day is celebrated on 9th February. On this day youngsters make a chocolate gift to their lover.

4. Teddy Day

Both heart and teddy are delicate. Love couples give teddy bears to each other to give this gentle feeling to each other. However, girls love this stuffed toy. Sleeping with teddy by embracing, talking to him is very interesting to girls. Therefore, most of the boys on Teddy Bears Day give this gift to girls. Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th of the month of February.

5. Promise Day

By the way, you can make or take any promise from your partner anytime. But it is said that the promise of the ‘Promise Day’ celebrated on the fifth day of Valentine Week i.e. on 11th February is different. Promise Day is the most special day of Valentine’s Week. The special day on February 11 is celebrated. On this day, Lover promises to live together with each other for a lifetime.

6. Hug Day

Valentine’s Day celebrates the sixth day i.e. February 12, ‘Hug Day’. It is a day of loving love by embracing each other. The biggest feature of this day is that on the pretext of the magic hug, we get an opportunity to know how much we want in front of us, what is in our heart for us.

7. Kiss Day

When there is no word for expressing love, then a kiss filled with love is enough. Every boyfriend and girlfriend celebrates this day by kissing each other.

8. Valentine Day

The excuse to make a party in a runny life, what will be the big deal? In the same way, even if we express love every day, but celebrate one-day celebration. That one day is Valentine day.

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