Try These 5 Exercises – Your Legs Will Become Strong Like Steel

By the way, people take the gym to keep the body healthy. But every part of the body can be exercised at home. Exercise is very important for the body, so everyone knows it. But it is often seen that people prefer to exercise their stomach or chest. The attention of people on their feet is reduced. But exercise is really equally important. If you are looking for strong and shapely legs, then you can take advantage of these lower body exercises at home.


The exercise of feet not only makes them curable but also keeps them healthy by providing them strength. This healthy leg is not only today but also with you tomorrow. As you grow up, your knees are first affected. It is necessary to have strong legs to maintain your mobility in old age. So let us know some such exercises, which will make the feet healthy and strong-

1. Squats

The squat is done in many ways, however, you can practice basic squats. It is the best exercise to lose weight and strengthen it. To practice this, first of all, keep your hands open to the front and stand straight and move the chest slightly outward. Now slowly fold your knees, sit in such a way that you are sitting on a chair. Keep your knees equal to the feet of the feet. Now bend down slowly and bow down until your thighs are equal to the ground. Keep the body tight. Now start this meeting here. Take a breath while you go down and breathe while you come up. You can do two to three sets of 12 squats.

2. Mountain Climber

To do this exercise, stay in the pushups position. During this, you place a straight line from head to heel and shoulder to wrist. Now fold the knees forward by bringing the right foot forward, as your right knee is moving towards the left shoulder. Then come back to the position of pushups by returning the right foot and now repeat the same process with the other leg. You do similar mountain climbings for ten to twelve times.

3. Jumping Jacks

Japing Jacks is an aerobic cardio exercise, which not only reduces weight rapidly but also increases the stomach of the feet. Stand up straight before doing this exercise. After that lift the hands up and raise the legs. After that, it will come back to normal stage. A jump like this is complete. Likewise, spreading the hands and legs repeatedly bouncing. Similarly, you make two to three sets of ten jumping jacks.

4. Side Leg Raises

To do this exercise, you’re on the left side. At this time your right leg is above the left foot. Also, during this time you should turn the left hand on the head and turn the hand on the head and the other hand should be on the floor. Now, as much as possible to raise your right leg, lift it up and hold for some time in this condition. But do not miss your knees at this time. Then bring the foot back down. You make three sets of 15-15 from both sides.

5. Basic Jump Rope

This is a very good fat burning exercise. It also strengthens hands and feet. If you jump in the rope every day for just ten minutes, then it takes a few days to see the difference. Therefore, be sure to include this exercise in your exercise routine.

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