These Amazing 5 Features Added To Whatsapp

Instant messaging service company, WhatsApp, has rolled out its new update for iOS and Android. 5 new awesome features have been added to this new update. Facebook-owned company Whatsapp has made it more friendly for users by adding new features to the app in the last several months. In the past, WhatsApp has made a lot of change in many things including group video calling, including Fake News, Group Feature. Let’s know about the top 5 new features of Whatsapp:-

Swipe To Reply

Now you can reply to the message of any friend or a loved one with only one swipe. Let’s tell you that this amazing feature was already available for the ios i.e. iPhone users. Now, this feature has been rolled out for Android users too. As soon as you update the 2.12.300 version of Whatsapp, you will get this feature. In this feature, you do not have to tap on your phone to reply to a message. Just swipe one and reply to the message.

Picture-In-Picture Mode

This feature was first introduced by Google for YouTube. Now, this feature is going to attract WhatsApp users too. Let us know that this feature has already been made available to the iOS users. Now, this feature is being made available to Android users as well. To do this, users will have to install their Whatsapp app’s latest update. The beauty of this feature is that you can do some other work on your phone’s screen when you do video calls or chat on Whatsapp. Also, you can move anywhere on the phone’s screen. This feature is already being used by YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook users.

Ad For Status

This is a brand new feature added in Whatsapp. With the help of this feature, Whatsapp is thinking of earning. Now if a user applies his Whatsapp app then his friends will also have to see the commercials while checking the status. As they watch while watching videos on Facebook and YouTube. However, Facebook has made it clear that this new feature of Whatsapp will not make any difference to the user’s account security and end-to-end encryption.

Biscuits Will Be Added To Whatsapp App

You were surprised to hear the name, which is the new feature of this biscuit. Let you know that Whatsapp is beta testing to add stickers to the photos of the users. These stickers will be called biscuits. The company announced it at the FB Developers Conference. It will also be rolled out soon.

In-Line Image Notifications

This new Whatsapp feature is still in the testing stage. Before telling about this feature, please let us know that the beta version of this feature has been rolled out which many people are using. With this feature, Whatsapp will now give you notifications of the image along with the message. If you know someone sending an image to Whatsapp, then a preview of the image will also be visible in the notification. Assuming media reports, this feature is not currently working with GIF or other media files. This feature Android Pie 9 users will be exclaimed.

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