These 7 Ways Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack

During a heart attack, the supply of blood, which normally nourishes the heart with oxygen, is cut and the heart muscle starts to die. Heart attacks also called myocardial infarction. Some people who have a heart attack, their chest pain, upper body aches, sweating, dizziness, fatigue, signs of difficulty in breathing are already seen. The heart attack is a serious medical emergency.

Heart disease is increasing day by day in people, the biggest reason behind this is our lifestyle, about which we are telling you in detail here. However, changes in lifestyle such as quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, excessive consumption of fruits and vegetables, weight loss and controlling blood pressure and blood sugar etc. can prevent heart disease and stroke. But very few people know about these simple methods of preventing stroke.

1. Avoid Getting Angry

According to a study published in Journal Hypertension, anger and aggression can put you at high risk of stroke. It also increases blood pressure and has a negative effect on your overall health. Therefore, to relax your mind, you practice Deep and Relaxation techniques.

2. Sleep is Necessary

According to Harvard scientists, insufficient sleep tolerance of fewer than seven hours increases the stroke risk by 63%. Apart from this, sleep problems such as snoring also increase the risk of stroke different from heart disease and diabetes. So try to sleep enough to sleep.

3. Regular Walk Required

Everyone’s life is busy, but he has to take time for himself. Walking 20 minutes a day helps prevent stroke. According to a large study conducted on 40,00 women, walking a total of 2 hours a week can reduce the risk of stroke by up to 30%. You can do brisk walking to get additional benefits. It can reduce the probability of stroke by up to 40%.

4. Get Rid Of A Migraine

A different kind of a headache, in which bright light and spots appear. Yes, migraine also increases the risk of stroke. Although there is no clear indication that the treatment of a migraine can be overcome by stroke, but many experts believe that this is a good preventive remedy. So if you are having frequent migraine problems, consult a doctor. Also to avoid a migraine, you have to adopt stress management, meditation and yoga.

5. Stay Away From Depression

According to a study conducted on 80,000 women, the percentage of people suffering from stroke increased by about 29% in the Depression. Depression also causes problems of other bad habits such as smoking, unhealthy diet, less physical activity and uncontrolled health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. It increases the risk of all strokes. Emotion needs constant attention like sadness, frustration, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, low interest in your favourite things, problems with sleep etc.

6. Do Not Ignore Heart Beats

Signs of the increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, pains in chests, migraine, and signs of the abnormal heartbeat. And an unusual heartbeat increases the risk of stroke five times. Therefore, try to keep the heartbeat normal. If the problem of throbbing is caused by anxiety, excessive runniness, excessive haste, or any kind of stress, then it will be better to try life as long as possible and live as calm as possible.

7. Use The Olive Oil

Research has shown that olive oil not only prevents heart attacks but it also prevents stroke. According to the Observational Study on French Adults of Over 7,600 65 years of age or older, people who regularly used olive oil were found to have less than 40 percent risk of stroke. Therefore, to avoid stroke, use olive oil in your diet.

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