These 5 Symptoms Are The Sign Of Growing Cholesterol In The Body – Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack

Increasing cholesterol in the body increases the risk of heart diseases. You know that our heart beats all the time and pumps blood in the body so that it can reach all the organs. To carry blood to organs, we have arteries (organs) in our body. Blood and oxygen flow through these arteries to our limbs.

When cholesterol increases, these types of substances begin to accumulate in these arteries, called plaques. Due to the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, the way of bleeding becomes narrow. In such a situation, due to the fact that your blood and oxygen can not reach your heart, heart attacks or other heart diseases occur.

Identify Cholesterol-Related Constraints, So That You Can Survive

Due to the increase in cholesterol, you may have trouble at any age. But doctors believe that at least one-time cholesterol must be tested by the age of 20. After this every year these checks are necessary. When the amount of bad cholesterol in your body increases, then your body gives some indication. Understanding these signs, you should get the blood test immediately and get rid of the cholesterol problem.

1.  Your Weight Starts Moving

If you feel that you are becoming fat suddenly without any particular reason, then this can also be an indication of increased cholesterol. Apart from this, if you feel heaviness in the stomach or you sweat more than usual and feel the heat, then you should get your cholesterol check done.

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2. Shortness of Breath When Walking Or Stairs Climbing

If your breathing begins after a little work or hard work, then it can be an indicator of increased cholesterol. There may be several reasons for breathing or fatigue, but if this is happening then you should definitely get your cholesterol checked. Due to increased cholesterol, you start feeling tired without doing much work. Often, obese people are more concerned about this problem.

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3. Headache Problems

If you are often disturbed with headaches or you sometimes feel very soft on the head, then be cautious, as these can be symptoms of increased cholesterol. Actually, because of cholesterol, there is no supplementary blood supply in all the nerves of the head, then such a problem arises. This can lead to headache, dizziness or loss of sensation.

4. Feeling Trembling In Arms And Legs

Cholesterol inhibits the flow of blood in the body, so when cholesterol increases, the body’s oxygenated blood often does not reach the body, which makes it feel like trembling or shivering in the body. Often, when lying down or sitting by pressing the hands and feet, even when the flow of blood in the veins decreases, you may still feel such tingling or shivering. But if it is due without any reason, then understand that your cholesterol has increased. Get your cholesterol level immediately checked.

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5. Chest Pain And Restlessness

Increasing cholesterol increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke mainly. So if you feel pain in the chest, restlessness or the heart starts to throb over loud, then this can be an indication of cholesterol increases. It can prove to be life-threatening for you to ignore it, so in such a situation, get the doctor examined immediately and manage your cholesterol.

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