These 5 Havelis And Palaces Are The ‘Heart’ Of Delhi

There are many places to roam the country’s capital Delhi. Some of these are famous all over the world, but like every city, there are also such destinations in Delhi that without seeing these, Delhi can not be fully known. There are also some havelis and palaces in Delhi, which are not popular tourist destinations, but without seeing them, the excursions of your roaming will be incomplete.

You may have heard enough about Mandu’s Jahaz Mahal in Madhya Pradesh, but do you know that there is also a Jahaz Mahal in Delhi. Located in the Hauz-i-Shamsi, this palace was built to spend the rest of the time in the era of the Lodi dynasty. Another reason to make it was to provide a inn for Muslim worshipers. The special thing of this palace is that when looking at it in water it appears like the ship is running on water. You will not want to miss this experience too.

Located in Mehrauli, the Zafar Mahal is considered to be the last building built by the Mughals in Delhi. It was constructed by Akbar Shah II. Later Bahadur Shah Zafar rebuilt it, due to this it is known as Zafar Mahal. At this place are the tomb of people associated with the Moti Masjid and Shahi dynasty built with beautiful white marble.

This two-storey mansion has a square which surrounds the rooms. These rooms open in this square or empty area. You can learn about Ghalib at any time in this mansion any day of the day.

Located in Chandni Chowk in old Delhi city, this mansion is still in good shape. It is well preserved. There are three floors in this mansion. There are a total of 128 rooms in this. Here you will be able to see the fancy carpet, the chandelier, the style of the building and the British and Indian style.

Although Begum Samru’s Haveli may not be in good condition today but there was a time when there were beautiful gardens and large fountains surrounding this building. It was constructed from stone and marble. It also shows the effect of the Greek style. However, now it has been such that people who go through it do not pay any attention to it.

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