These 5 Beautiful Lakes Of India Are Famous For Their Beauty

There are other beautiful places other than mountain beach and wildlife in India, where beauty is never forgetting. So this time, plan to make a trip to these beautiful lakes of India.

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Day or night, winter or summer, the beauty of some places does not depend on them all. Lakes are like this, whose view is not good or bad but keeps changing its colour every moment. Leh should be the Pangong of Ladakh or Kashmir’s Dal Lake. People from all over the world come to see such a beautiful beauty. So you know and which lakes are included in it and when to make it a plan to go there.

1. Dal Lake

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Dal Lake works for enhancing the beauty of Kashmir. When the rays of rising and rising sun fall on the lake, the beauty of Dal Lake is at a peak. It can also be seen in many films like ‘Jab-Jab Phool Khile‘, ‘Junglee‘, ‘Mission Kashmir‘, ‘Kabhi Kabhi‘, ‘Rockstar‘. You can see the views of Mughal Gardens around the lake and come here too. Houseboats are available here to get to Dal Lake. With the state-of-the-art facilities, you can catch every sight of the lake with eyes and a camera in the houseboats. A lot of fishes are found in this lake. That is why fish farming is a big industry here. Dal Lake has three high mountains of snow.

2. Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake, which is included in the list of India’s beautiful places, is rarely seen anywhere else. India and China share this lake spread over 600 sq km, as well as nearby and other countries. The number of tourists coming to Leh, ‘3 Idiots‘ went up immediately after the movie because, in this movie, Rancho and Piya meet on the bank of this lake. In winter, the water here is fully accumulated. Many types of water birds can be seen here. Along with that, there are also a large number of Brahmani Ducks, Black-necked Stork, Seagulls and so on.

3. Chandra Taal Lake

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There is a very beautiful lake between the Chandrataal Lake, Lahore and the Spiti Himalayan Range. Which is located at an altitude of 4300 meters above sea level. Also known as Moon Lake, because the lake gets its water from the Chandra River. Also, its size is like a half moon. Traders from Ladakh and Tibet discovered this lake and Kullu stayed here for a while before moving on Spiti’s journey. Plans to see Chandrataal Lake in the summer because the rest of the time freezes its water. By the way, it is very much better to travel almost everywhere in Himachal, but seeing the crystal clear water of this lake situated at a distance of 6 km from Kumjum pass, there is a different peace and comfort.

4. Suraj Tal Lake

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Suraj Tal Lake is also known as Lake of the Sun God, which is very close to Barlacha La Pass the world’s tallest lakes. Beautiful mountains and glaciers double the beauty of the lake. The tourists from abroad and look up. Suraj Tal Lake is the source of the Bhaga river, which is mix in the Chandra river in Jammu and Kashmir. There it is known as Chenab River. By the way, the lake is covered with snow all year round.

5. Tso Moriri Lake

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Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh is included in the beautiful lakes of the country. The surrounding high mountains do its beauty twice as much. It is also known as Mountain Lake. Because of its saline water, its name fell to Tso Moriri, where a variety of migratory birds can be seen. Lake water is clean like blue and crystal.

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