Team India Missed By Creating History Due To These 5 Mistakes

New Zealand defeated Team India by four in the third match of the three matches of T-20 series and the final. With this, New Zealand has made its name in the series 2-1. In the same link, know about the mistakes made by the Indian team in the final match…

Team India’s bowlers failed to give initial shocks to New Zealand. Indian bowlers gave seamstress Tim Seifert andย Colin Munro to New Zealand opener and both took advantage of this opportunity. Taking advantage of this, New Zealand scored 80 runs for the first wicket.

The grounds of New Zealand are quite small. In such a way, the ball is connected to the ball with good air, but if the ball does not come right on the bat, then there is a chance for a wicket. Many such occasions came to the hands of Team India but due to bad fielding, India did not get any benefit from it. Rohit Sharma, Khalil Ahmed, Vijay Shankar and Kuldeep Yadav also left a catch. Apart from this, the players also made many mistakes in ground fielding, which had to be suffered as fours-sixes.

Captain Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan had the responsibility of giving Team India a start. But Shikhar Dhawan already lost his wicket. Dhawan was dismissed by five runs. Rohit Sharma scored 32 runs.

Team India’s middle order batsmen had great hopes of winning. Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant, MS Dhoni, Dinesh Karthik had to play a long-inning with good strike rate, but the players did not play long innings when they looked fast.

It was all about the game, but this was not the day of the Indian team today. During the fielding, many chaps were dropped. Apart from this, the Indian batsmen played many fantastic straight drives, which should have added four runs in the team’s account, but the ball stopped several times by bouncing stumps on the non-striker’s end.

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