7 Ways To Stay Fit In Summer

The workout is a bit difficult compared to the rest of the season in which warm sweating is the biggest obstacle, but the workout is essential in every season. According to the experts, it may be possible to wake up early in the morning or exercise in the evening. Research

10 Things You Should Know For Take Care of Your Child in Winter

The winter season comes with various health problems for people of all ages. But most of the impact of cold falls on children. Because in this season, viruses and bacteria attack children very quickly. Due to which they suffer from colds, nose closures, difficulty in breathing, throat infections, viral diarrhea, pneumonia,

5 Effective Posture To Remove Cervical Pain

By ignoring neck pain or avoiding pain with the help of normal medicines, It grows slowly-slowly. But with the ease of pain in yoga, they can be removed from the root. Due to sitting throughout the day, sitting on the chair or sofa, not walking straight and less physical hard work,

Ayurvedic Treatment and Cure Of Obesity

The first medical treatment for obesity in Ayurveda is the Skipping or Fasting. It is the illusion among people about the skipping that they lose their energy due to skipping, but there is nothing like that. If fasting is done properly then nobody is weak. The right way to fast