Surrounded By Seven Golden Hills – This Place Of Maharashtra Boasts Unique History

Sahyadri mountain ranges, intensive jungle, flower canyon, fort, waterfall, ghats, colourful birds, butterflies, decorated bulls, socks of milk, sowing the fields of cane spread far and wide, reaching the extent of the sky. The Sets, the evergreen weather, the Kesari flag in the air, in the air, in the hands of the clean, beautiful Satara.

Looking at this city like watching a picture postcard in the Satara photo album. At present, this town, with a population of four and a half million, was founded by Shahu Ji Maharaj in the 17th century, who was the grandson of Vir Chhatrapati Shivaji, son of Veer Sambha Ji and founder of Maratha empire. This city is also called the ‘Land of the Knights’. The glorification of its history tells the story of the wall of the fort built in Satara, which is still standing today, with the help of Sahyadri mountain range. The civilization and culture of Maharashtra are preserved in the Sahyadri mountain range in its siege. Ladies, there will be Nawari saris and decorated in Paithani, flower bunches in the hair, Kumkum and crescent on the forehead. Men look white kurta-pyjama and Nehru cap. The courtyards of the houses are decorated with rangoli. Kandil and Tulsi-Chaura will be seen here at home.

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The Shine of Rural Culture

Satara residents have the proud to become Satara’s clean and green. Compared to metros, the pollution is not the same here. Satara’s land adorned with lakes of sugarcane fields is colourful in its evergreen green colour throughout the year. The cultivation of potatoes, maize, jowar, millet, potatoes, peanuts, rice, wheat, gram, moong, turmeric, ginger and pomegranate is here. Here the red-black soil is such that everything grows. Every seed is produced here, just you will not talk about the apple of Himachal, it does not risea to the Platthe eau. ‘ Sugarcane and maize are grown alongside the surfaces of Sarpoli roads, from the Phaltan to Satara, such as the farmers have kept the mounds of jaggery on the corn roti for the passers-by. If you see the bull of Satara, then the story of Premchand’s story “The story of the two oxen” will be revived by the diamond-pearls. Here he is called by love in the name of the pair of Sarja-Raja. These bulls are white-coloured, with high stature. These are the horny colours in Kesari ranges, such as the Kisari turban wearing butterfly jats of Punjab. Their horns are very attractive. They are horns only for the sake of saying, in fact, they seem like sharp swords kept in the sheath.

History Revives

Apart from setting natural beauty in your eyes, the name of the experience of reviving the events of the golden history of Satara is the journey of Satara. In the words of Amol Deshmukh of Satara district, you can call it a ‘study tour’. Whenever the pages of Maratha history will be changed, the golden pages of Satara will definitely take place, because the history of the Maratha empire starts from here, where Sahyadri runs every day from the back of the mountain range, riding on the horse. It is the name of Chhatrapati Veer Shivaji Maharaj Bhosale, who is no other than waving the saffron flag in the sun.

Satara Was The ‘Saptatara’

Together with this city, you will know that the star does not grow in the sky only. Indeed, Tara is also called a mountain in the Marathi language. Satara is named because it is surrounded by seven hills. Satara was also sometimes called ‘Saptatara’. The names of these seven hills are Ajinkya Tara, Sajjangarh, Yavateshwar, Jarandeshwar, Cashier Mountain, Kotlich Mountain, Pedhya and Bhairoba on which fortresses and temples are built. These are the poems and stories in their own right. By the way, here it is called Satara, not Satara.

The Heart of The City is This Rajaprasad

The thirteenth generation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is ruling in Satara today. Chhatrapati Udayan Raje Bhosale is a popular hero in entire Maharashtra, not only in Satara city. The palace of Raja Mahal of Satara, the residence of the owner of the grand personality, Udyan Raje Bhosale, is as beautiful as him, whose establishment time is about 200 years old. This palace is painted in yellow colour as the golden sun rose on earth. The fine carving work is done on the palace like this Sun has intense rays. There is a temple of Goddess Bhavani in a part of this palace. Shivaji used to say that Goddess Bhavani used to come to the top of this temple. On the main entrance of this palace, looking at the two lion lanes made of marble, they have kept in such a way that no butterfly can enter Rajprasad by saving their two pairs of eyes. If you look at the majestic sofa set out outside the Darbar Hall, then it will look forward to narrating countless historical stories. As the historical heritage, this Rajaprasad has been kept in love with Satara city, it is also called ‘Heart of the City’. It has now been converted to Rajwada Pratap Singh High School.

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These are The Precious Gem of City

It is a matter of pride that Sambhaji is considered the first youngest literary figure of the world. Till the age of 14, he had compiled the ‘Naikika Dikhar’, ‘Satteetak’, ‘Nakhishikh’ texts. At the same speed, he used to run the pen with the speed that he used to run. The name of Guru Ramdasji, founder of ‘Hindu Pada Padshahi’ is also well-known in the Saints-Saints and the learned society of India. He composed a book called ‘Das-Bodh’. Through entire India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, they established 1100 monasteries and arena. Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar also grew up in Satara and practised law.

Great Wall of Satara

Satara is a city inhabited by the Ajinkya Stara Plateau. When you walk on this low plateau towards this plateau, it appears in front of the Plateau, a monk sitting in Yogamudra, on top of which the high altitude sky is hinged. You can also call this plateau ‘Great Wall of Satara’, whose city has been built securely. The road going towards this plateau is very special for road tracking.

How To Reach?

The services of Aircraft, Train-Bus are easily available to reach Satara city. The nearest airport to Satara is in Pune, from which the distance of the city is 120 km. It is 243 km from Mumbai. There is every kind of facilities available to stay and stay here. From budget hotels to three-star hotels in the city. In the winter season and in the rainy season, you can take special pleasure in this city.

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