STEP BY STEP GUIDE : – How to Go Live on Youtube

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Today we will show you  – how to start Youtube Live Streaming in Simple Steps.

If you are going to create new YouTube channel Or If you already have a channel created than this post will help you to learn How to go live with Youtube.

Here are the Steps to Go Live on Youtube: –

Step 1: – Login to your Youtube Channel first by entering Login and Password.

Step 2: – Click on Video Manager and click on Live streaming option.

Step 3: – You can now see the page like this: –

Step 4: – After clicking on Get Started button you will be able to see your screen like this. See screen shot below. This shows that the channel is currently in offline mode.

Step 5: – Now, click on “Guide to Encoding” link shown in the below screen shot.

Step 6: – Now click on “Guide to Encoding” and you will be automatically redirected to youtube suppost page. You can go directly to this page here –

Step 7: – There are the list of paid software given by Youtube itself. But youtube also mentioned a Free Software to start Youtube Live Streaming. You need to click on Free Software “Open Broadcaster Software” and you will be redirected to .

Now download this software from this link and run on your PC/Laptop.

Once the software downloaded, you can now open the software. You can see your screen like the given screen below.

Step 8: – Now Go to your Youtube channel to get Stream key. You can go to your dashboard directly here: – and copy stream key.

Step 9: – Now follow the instruction given in below screen shot.

1 – Click on Settings

2 – Click on Stream

3 – Copy Stream key

Step 10: – Now select source in the software and click on “Video Capture Device” and click on OK.

Step 11: – Now, Finally Click on Start Stream. And you can see that you are live on youtube. See the screenshot below.

This is the complete process to start Youtube Live Streaming.

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