How to Stay healthy during changing weather ?

As the start of the month of March, the cold is almost finished and the summer season starts catching up. The mood of this changing season also makes some people very enthralled. In this way, many people suddenly come in the summer style. But this may prove to be dangerous for you. It is very important to take care of yourself and your family in this changing season.Because this is the time when the risk of getting sick is most. We are here to tell you about some of the precautions that you can maintain in this season.

The danger of these diseases

Most people with a viral fever get the most of such weather. In addition to winter cold, throat infection, as well as diseases such as jaundice and typhoid are also in such weather. The result of this is that as soon as the summer season starts, the hospital beds start filling with patients.


Dangerous forĀ  children and the elderly

The hitting season is most prone to children and the elderly. Because they are less prone to immunity, they are more prone to infections. Children are the most vulnerable to diseases like pneumonia, viral and cold in such weather. At the same time, the elderly are prone to throat problems and viral fever.

Such caution

Doctors say that if some precautions are taken in such weather, diseases can be avoided. Always wear full sleeves in the changing season. If the child is small then leave it alone after wearing hot clothes and caps. Apart from this, keep your children away from unhygienic food. The elderly should also go to the walk along with all the preparations in such weather.


The consumption of fridge items is also deadly

Many people start drinking water in the fridge or anything else in this changing season. This can prove to be fatal to their health. If you have to drink cold water, drink it by adding a little normal water to the fridge water. Especially protect children and the elderly from consuming cold things. Also, keep your hands clean. Wash hands well before eating.

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