Some Best Outfit You Can Wear On The Wedding Ceremony Of Your Best Friend

In India, wedding parties are very great, we do not leave anything unturned to make it grand and spectacular, as well as there are many programs related to it during the wedding, so what about wearing different programs, many people are confused with this. We have given some suggestions in relation to the clothes worn in different events during the wedding season:

  • Mehndi

It will be better to wear black colored classic kurta pajama or with white color churidar pajama in the Mehndi program. In more traditional programs, wearing kurta with pajama always gives a classic look. However, this selection is for those men who do not want to experiment with their looks and do not want to take risks.

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If you want a bold but traditional look, Nehru Jacket with kurta will look away from you. Saif Ali Khan was first seen in this. In this look, you will definitely find yourself best in the program.

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Shirt and pants will be suitable only in the workplace, not the best in your best friend’ Mehandi. Therefore, avoid wearing the office wear clothes in such a program.

  • Cocktail / Sangeet

In this program, Nehru Jacket with shirts and pants can be worn in Mehndi day’s program, but it would be appropriate to wear a slightly flamboyant dress in the cocktail party.

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Whether you want to wear embroidered shawls with kurtas or you can wear fitting clothes.

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Remember that the Denim with Oxford shirt or jacket is perfect for a casual look but it will not be appropriate to wear it in formal programs.

  • Wedding Ceremony

For a long time, men in India are wearing Shervani with churidar as a dress for marriage. Being the groom’s best friend and best man, Shervani-churidar can be an excellent choice for you.

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Whether it is a matching suit or a jacket and trousers, double-breasted suit, it is better to wear to show that you care about style as well as focus on fitness. For a smart look, you can put pocket squares, lapel pins or a bow tie or a beautiful brooch.

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Wearing jeans or a leather jacket at the wedding will not be perfect. Do not wear such a garment in traditional programs.

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