Snake Prank With Sunny Leone & How Sunny Took Sweet Revenge

On Saturday 25 Nov 2017, Sunny had uploaded a video to his Instagram, in which his team crew was seen snapping on him. Like ordinary days, sitting on a chair on the sunny set was reading the script. During this time a crew member comes from behind and takes a snake near Sunny’s ear. As soon as Sunny feels that his ear has a snake, he trembles and shakes him away from him and screams away from him. The snake was real or fake, it is not clear after watching the video.

After this prank with Sunny, people on social media asked, “This kind of work has been done with you now what you will do”. Sunny responded by saying that “very soon I will be revenge”. Sunny has taken revenge for the prank done on her. Sunny taught his team crew a lesson that just as Sunny was running behind him, he too ran away behind Sunny and after pranking to die. Sunny has also shared the video of this change.

Arpit Agarwal
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