Randeep Hooda Wins Silver Medal At National Equestrian Championship

One of the Bollywood actors Randeep Hooda is also a master of the sport, not just movies. Randeep once again proved this. The actor recently took part in the National Equestrian Championship (NEC) despite a foot injury and won the silver medal.

In addition to acting, Randeep Hooda is also known for his love for horses. She has now become the winner of the silver medal in the National Equestrian Championship (NEC). Recently this horse riding championship was organized in Mumbai.

Regarding this, Randeep said that due to the team’s team from RVC (Remount and Veterinary Corps) and ASC (Indian Army Service Corps), my National Team received the silver medal in National NEC on the Dream Girl. It is a proud moment for me to be given medal by the QMG General.

Randeep has shared his journey till the final of the league, which also includes an ankle injury. But this injury did not hurt Randeep Despite the injury, Hooda participated in the second qualifying round and finally got the silver medal in the final.

The National Equestrian Championship is being held in Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Race Course from February 25 to March 3. Please tell Randeep that Sarabjit and Baghi-2 appeared last year performing best in the film. Randeep also said that my injury does not matter to my goal because I always want to win and I have won again.

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