PUBG Mobile’s First Anniversary : ​​These New Weapons And Vehicles Are Available In Season 6

A year has passed PUBG and so far there are many great updates in the game. Season 5 will end forever after the PBG 0.11.5 update. Season 6 will start with new Landscape, Weapon, Carts and other new things.

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In the new version, players will get an opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of one year where they will be able to organize the party on the spawn island with fireworks. At the same time, in their own matches, they will also be able to throw the cake on one another, which will later be added to some more benefits.

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In the update, Dynamic Season Two Erangal, Miramar, and Vikendi the Exclusive G36 C Rifle which will come with 5.56mm round and the new wheels i.e. three-wheeled rickshaws will be added to the Sanhok map. PubG Mobile has also announced that it will give rise to the Royal Pass which is now given to all the people in the whole area to see the ranking. Subscribers will now get more points for the Weekly Challenge.

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Subscription plans will also be made available in this update, which will be implemented until the month of April. In the plan, Prime, Prime Plus, Royale Pass Points, Steep Creed Discount and other facilities will be provided. Although there are just two plans now that are prime and prime plus. Both plans UC Cash, Royale Pass Points, 80% discount on crate and option to purchase the Battle Point shop will also be available.

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