PUBG Mobile Season 7: With New Skin And Weapons Something Like This Will Change The Experience Of PUBG

The popular mobile game Player Unknown Battleground i.e. PUBG Mobile remains in the headlines. The PUBG Mobile game has to end in season 6. Such games are eagerly waiting for Season 7 of PUBG Mobile users of playing. Some information related to PUBG Mobile Season 7 is leaked.

Simultaneously, information related to Season 7’s Royale pass and rewards is also revealed. According to the leaked information, Gamers will have the option of customizing new types of skin and helmets, new outfits and avatars along with new weapons in Season 7.

It is believed that updates to PUBG Mobile Season 7 can be rollout by next week. YouTuber Mr.GhostGaming have spotted these leaks linked to PUBG Mobile Season 7. In his leak, he shares the information about the upcoming game element and when it will come in Season 7.

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If the leak information given by them comes out right then the gamers of PUBG Mobile will start getting updates from the next instalment on May 17, which will be rollout from build number 0.12.5. Simultaneously, the registration for Royale Pass of season 7 will start from May 18.

Talk about PUBG Mobile’s Season 7 game elements, the gamers will find new frame avatar in it, the new gun named ‘Skorpion’, gamers will get new style mustache, flight trail and parachute trail. This season, PUBG players will get a new skin for guns such as AKM, Kar 98K, M4, and UZI, as well as Level 1 and Level 3 helmet skins also.

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There will also be a skin for Level 1 backpack. If you talk about Royale Pass of Season 7, players will need 600 UC (Unknown Cash) for Elite Upgrade. There will be 1,800 UCs for Elite Upgrade Plus. PubG players will also get two exclusive costumes with 100 PR Points on purchasing Royale Pass.

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