Prevent Your Mobile Phone From Getting Overheated/Blasted

Many users are facing the problem of charging or heating of smartphones during the calling. Most of the phones are so much heat that there is a fear of being blasted. The problem of heat also comes mostly in Chinese smartphones. However, some Chinese companies have less heating issues. Well, mostly the heating problem happened when there are some mistakes made by the user many times. We are telling similar mistakes and their solutions.

Mistakes by the Users

1. Charging the phone for several hours
2. Calling during charging
3. Playing online games
4. Put the hot spots on several hours
5. Always keep Bluetooth, Wi-Fi on

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In addition, there are some reasons why the phone may be heated, which the user does not know.

1. Not updating software
2. The phone’s memory is full
3. Continuous Running Apps
4. Live streaming or online music
5. Battery getting old

Note: Many of the problems of the phone are related to each other. In such a situation, when we solve anyone, many problems are solved automatically.

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