Is It possible to treat glaucoma from insulin, learn how

Diabetes type-1 and type-2 disease are increasing rapidly in the country. People are aware of these two diseases of diabetes. Doctors of AIIMS RP Center have claimed to have detected diabetes type-4 in research. It is not related to the sugar levels present in the blood of the body. In research, it has been found that diabetes type-4 affects the nerve of the eyes attached to the brain, which can cause glaucoma (black glaucoma) illness.

Recently, this research by AIIMS has been published in an International Medical Journal (Current Molecular Medicine). The positive side of this research is that doctors have seen a new ray of hope for the treatment of glaucoma victims. In the coming days insulin can be treated with glaucoma. However, its clinical research is yet to be done.

Expert opinion

AIIMS doctor in research says that glaucoma is the second largest cause of blindness around the world. Due to this, around eight crore people around the world are blindfolded, while this figure is around 1.20 crore in the country. In the beginning, if the disease is not detected, the eyes slowly The light goes off. There is no such authentic treatment for this disease, so that light can return.

Dr. Tanuj Dada and Dr. Munieb Fak, Professor of RP Center in AIIMS, have detected diabetes caused by brain nerves in their research, which has been named diabetes type-4. What is diabetes type-4: Dr. Munib said that due to not having insulin hormone in the pancreas, there is a disease of type 1 diabetes.

In people suffering from Type 2, insulin is made from pancreatic but does not work or is made in small quantities. This increases the amount of sugar in the blood. Research on the nerves of the eyes found that insulin is present in the brain in which the nerves of the eyes are attached. The cells of the nerves of the eye do not function properly with them, which can cause glaucoma.

Research has strengthened the thinking that glaucoma can be cured if the function of the insulin is normalized in the eye-related nerve in the brain. Therefore further research will be done so that such a drug can develop, which can lead to the treatment of glaucoma. He said that in Alzheimer’s patients, there was an error in the performance of insulin in the upper part of the brain, which was named Diabetes Type-3.

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