Now You Can Play PubG Mobile In Real Life – All You Need To Know

You will know about the PubG Mobile game. There is big chaos in India about PubG. In many cities there is a demand for a ban on PBG, in the meantime, there is news that can surprise you. It is news that PUBG mobile games will now be played on the smartphone, not in real life. Indeed, one person has tried to create a map of PUBG in real, where people can fight with each other.

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One such millionaire is a person who wants to create a real-life PubG game for a hundred people on a private island. In fact, a website named has been given an advertisement regarding playing PBG in real life. This ad is not given by anyone but the founder of this website, Aaron Harpin.

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Aaron Harpin is looking for a game maker who can help organize the three-day Battle Royal Event. Aaron Harpin wants to organize a PubG mobile game match on a private island. In this game match on the island, people will actually fight against each other. Players are also looking for this match.

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The game will be 12 hours and it will cost more than Rs. 1 crore. The last date for applying for joining the game is April 22, 2019. The players’ final list will be released on May 10. The company will also contract the players for 6 weeks to Rs. 40,73,469.

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However, in this Real Life PubG game, there will be no player will die, as it will be given airsoft guns and touch-sensitive armour in arms. This game will last three days. Players will get food and arrangements will be made for them. In this game, the player who is last until the end will be given a reward of Rs. 90 lakhs. In case of emergency, players will also get medical facilities.

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So far, Rs. 1 crore has been spent on creating this island world. However, it has not yet been fully prepared.

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Gamemaker who wants to help bring this game into a reality, you can apply it on Hush Hush‘s website.