No mobile banking app safe in the country: Qualcomm

While the central government is pushing for promoting digital payments through mobile phones in the country, the famous chipset maker Co. Qualcomm says that no mobile app in India is safe. This claim is surprising in itself, but it is true. In this regard, the company says that no wallet and mobile banking application in India uses the hardware level security, So that online transactions can be more secure. According to published reports, Qualcomm’s Senior Director Product Manager SY Chowdhury said, “You will be surprised that most banking and wallet apps around the world do not use the spyware software. They fully run in Android mode and users’ passwords can be easily stolen. not only this, Rather the fingerprints of the users can be captured. Obviously, this is a big concern for digital wallet and mobile banking apps in India. ‘ Chowdhury also said that hardware level security is not used by India’s most famous digital payment application. Significantly According to Market Research firm Strategy Analytics, Qualcomm is at the forefront of the world with 37% in the mobile chipset market. He said, ‘When you download an app, you do not know if it is using hardware level security or not.’ Chowdhury also said that Qualcomm is contacting digital payment companies to secure mobile payments. Can go Qualcomm’s official said, “We are providing full security to people in chipsets. This layer separates the transaction from the operating system into the mobile phone. It also monitors any malware effects in the transaction.

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