Special Bath Dates Of Ardh Kumbh Mela 2019 – An Opportunity To Pray in Saraswati Koop And Akshay Vat

More than 120 million pilgrims are expected to come in Kumbh Mela, which started from January 15, in Prayagraj, UP. The state government claims that three million pilgrims will come in the Mauni Amavasya. Apart from this, around two million pilgrims will be here every day. One million foreign tourists

Futuristic PAL-V Flying Car Is Available For Pre-Order – Bookings Are Started

The pre-booking of air car PAL V has started, the car who can change from driving mode to flying mode as soon as the blinking moment, which will bring you to your office by the air, avoiding traffic jams. Image Source:-https://www.flyingmag.com/ The Dutch Company has Prepared It Keeping the future in view, a

Vikas Gupta’s reality show’s Famous Contestant’s Death in Car Accident – The Last Video Traced

Popular Youtube blogger Danish Zehen, who recently joined Vikas Gupta's reality show MTV Ace Of Space, died in a road accident. At the age of 21, Danish made their own identities on social media and TV. There are 891k followers on their Instagram page. The death of Danish Zehen is

India Will Stop The Water From Its Share Of The Indus Waters Treaty From Going To Pakistan

India has decided to teach Pakistan a lesson from the weapons of water, which has not been able to promote its nefarious and terrorist activities. India will stop the water from its share of the Indus Water Treaty from going to Pakistan. For this, three projects including two dams will

Fresh Air Is Becoming A Luxury In Delhi – Companies Are Now Selling Fresh Air In The Bottle

Take fresh air ... take fresh air, calling person passes around you, it will not be a big deal. The warning of the scientists has now started to appear in front of which they had said that to protect the climate, otherwise you will have to buy these free natural