National War Memorial: Will Remember The Martyrs’ Sacrifice – Inauguration On 25th Feb 2019

The soldiers wearing khaki uniforms are sacrificing their entire lives only because the rest of the country can sleep comfortably. It can say that the soldiers of any country have their base pillars. It is impossible to imagine life without them. Our soldiers have shed their blood in many battles before and after independence, in which every one name will hardly be known.

So, to tell the story of the dedication and bravery of these soldiers, the National War Museum has been built in India. Let’s know about it:

Where is the National War Memorial Built?

Eventually, the proposed National War Memorial for the martyrs is ready in Delhi after a long long wait. The National War Memorial, which was ready at a cost of 176 crores, is really amazing.

When Was The Beginning Of Construction?

The proposal to build a War Memorial, which had been a victim of political and administrative apathy for a long time, was proposed only about 60 years ago. The War Memorial was to be inaugurated only last year on August 15, 2018, but it was postponed due to lack of work on schedule. But now it will be interpreted on February 25, 2019.

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National War Memorial Has Been Built In Honor Of Martyrs

National War Memorial Since independence, many battles have been made in honour of more than 22600 martyred soldiers. The central government had approved this amount in October 2015. The War Memorial will meet the long-standing passionate demand of the military forces, in which he opposed the shifting of Memorial outside Delhi for years.

India is probably the only country in major countries of the world which had no war memorial. Earlier, in the memory of 84,000 Indian soldiers who were martyred in World War I, the British made India Gate. The names of the martyred soldiers on whose walls are written Later Amar Jawan Jyoti was created in honour of 3843 soldiers who died in 1971 war.

The National War Memorial has been designed so that there is no tampering with the Rajpath and its grand structure. It is in the process of setting a suitable design for the proposed National War Museum. Its initial cost is around 350 crores and it will take some years to be ready.

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The Specialty Of The War Memorial

In this national war memorial, eternal flame will continue to burn with Amar Chakra, Veer Chakra, Tyag Chakra and the Raksha Chakra, which shows that sacrifices made by the soldiers are never forgotten. Built in a centred circular design, this monument is spread over 40 acres and a 15-meter high monument pillar has been built in its centre. The statue of murals, graphics panel, names of martyrs and 21 Param Vir Chakra winners has been made.

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