This Mistake Gave 5 Runs to batting team! We Bet you‘ve never heard about this rule

A mistake by Australian batsman Matt Renshaw got 5 runs for the opposition team. This video is very viral on social media. The Sheffield Shield match was being played in Gaba on Friday. The mistake of Matt Renshaw was that he had caught the ball after wearing the wickets of wicket-keeper. After that the umpire gave away 5 runs to the opposition team.

If the ball was played on the bowler’s ball the batsman played the shot behind the wicket. Wicketkeeper Jimmy Peirson reached the fielding off the gloves. After that Matt Renshaw, who is fielding nearby, wore gloves and caught the ball. After which he returned the Gloves wicketkeeper.

Given the umpire, giving the batting team 5 runs. Explain, the fielding team under the 27.1 rule permits only the wicketkeeper to wear gloves. Speaking to Cricket Australia, Renshaw said, “Gloves was in my possession, I thought why we should bowl the ball and catch the ball. I did not know about the rule at that time. ”

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