List Of 5 Best Android Games Of 2018 – All You About To Know

There are quite a lot of smartphones in the market. Customers choose their smartphone according to their comfort. In today’s times, people also like to play full-graphic games on smartphones. Because of this, smartphone companies are paying a lot of attention to the best processor, storage, RAM and graphics in their smartphones. This allows users to get a great experience of gaming.

Talking about games, some games have become quite popular last year, people who play every day, all the time. The most popular of these games is PUBG Mobile Games. This game has achieved record-breaking popularity in the year 2018. So let’s talk about something similar to those who have done a strong performance in the world of gaming in 2018.


There is hardly a smartphone user who will not be aware of this magnificent game. We ourselves have heard many discussions about the game on the intersections of the youth. This game is famous for almost every gaming platform, whether it is a computer or mobile. You can play this survival game alone and also with friends. Players only need to take care of practice and some things.

Often players play well on the game, but thieves are unable to make dinner because of ignoring some important points. This game has been one of the most played and downloaded games in 2018. Even Google Play has honored it with the title of the best Android Games of 2018. Tell you, in PUBG the user has the ability to add the hat, cap, shirt, T-shirt, jacket, paint, jeans, shoes, boots There are many types of costumes and accessories available.

Most of these are also very colorful costumes. There are four maps in PUBG Mobile. Which include Erangel Island, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vekendi. Auto turning is a great option for shooting in the close range in the game. However, if you fire on the auto mode in a distant range, then there are more chances that your target can easily escape. For this reason, you should keep changing the fire rate of your gun by examining your shooting range. At the same time, the use of single-mode is the most effective combinations for auto-mode and distant for a nearby shooting range.


This game is full of adventure. In this action-packed game, you have to kill the zombie. Also, protect your family. In the game, you are given dangerous weapons. By which you can defend yourself and win the game by killing the zombie.


In the game, the player gets a lot of stories, which have a lot of ends. To win the game, seven action-packed, 60-stage, and hundreds of challenges have to be faced.

Powerful weapons and ammo – Unlock and upgrade melee weapons, explosives and lots of tunes adventure. Immersive environment – search from different places, oil fields, and military bases to campsite and rural farm communities. Every day, glorious events, prove your skills to win prizes.


This game came in July 2016 and as soon as it came to join the list of Best Android Games. Pokémon is a very famous cartoon. This game has been created in the same cartoon. The game app has been used most often before Candy Crush Saga has done such a thing.

This game has achieved maximum popularity in 2018. This is a game in which you need to use a smartphone’s camera to create a pokemon-themed alternative reality experience. In the game, the player can see different pokémon in the real world with the camera lens. The player can capture this pokémon and use them to handle the gym. You can find a gym in different places. Let me tell you, Pokémon Go has now introduced the Trainer Battle feature. The trainee can get prizes to participate in the fight and three exciting trainer can show exciting Pokémon skeals in one of the Battle leagues.


Asphalt: 9 Legends have been downloaded more than 4 million times in less than a week. While talking about the likes of this game in India, only 4 lakh people have downloaded Asphalt 9: Legends in India alone. This proves that this game is so popular and how many people were waiting for the new version of the Asphalt series i.e. Asphalt: 9 Legends.

Asphalt: 9 Legends is the Asphalt Series latest version of Car Racing game. This game is specially customized only after its old versions of Asphalt: 8 Airborne’s feedback. Graphics of this latest version are amazing, which entices game lovers very much. In it, you can pick up your dream car like Ferraris, W Motors, Lamborghini and Porsche in free. It also includes a new feature that if your car’s life gets reduced, you can also change your car by stopping the game in the middle.


Pro Evolution Soccer has long been a major game among football fans. This game is traditionally played on PlayStation and PC but in recent years it is also available on mobile and its results are very good.

This is a free game in which you can get additional players by paying money, and you can download it from the Google Play Store. There are 8,000+ player animations for team character. Players with PES 2019 can play this game in a number of ways with friends and users around the world.

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