Know How Can You Do The Treatment Of Your Stress With The Help Of Forest Therapy

The time passed between the hills and the rivers away from the city’s fortunes can be pleasurable, rarely anywhere else in the world. Many of us are like people who like to spend their time in nature’s place. But do you know that while doing so, we enjoy not only but also many health benefits? Yes and this kind of environment is given the name ‘Forest Therapy‘ This therapy is particularly beneficial for those who are surrounded by stress all the time. This amazing practice was born in Japan, which is called Shinrin-Yokoo in their language.

Explain that forest therapy not only relaxes our brain but also the body. According to a study, forest therapy cortisol reduces stress hormones. Not only this, there is a positive effect on blood pressure and adiponectin with the help of this therapy.


  • For patients with blood pressure, forest therapy is very beneficial. By taking this blood pressure is normal.
  • Bathing in the forest increases positive emotions, negative emotions diminish and you feel good. It provides relief in anxiety and depression.
  • Forest therapy also reduces blood glucose levels. This therapy is very beneficial for patients with diabetes.
  • If people with obesity take half an hour of forest therapy every day, they get a lot of benefits.
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