Some Information About Brain Development

Brain means that the brain is the most complex part of our body, which is much more than what is understood, which is still unheard of. However, in today’s era, scientists have found a complex case of complex disease and all about body parts and almost everyone knows about body function, but studies about brain are so much that less known than So, let’s talk a bit about the brain today.

The first thing about Brain that is the great thing is its texture which makes it even more complex and it is made up of about 100 billion nerves and these nerves use billions of small connections to communicate with each other. Who are called Synapses in medical language. Synapses are those which transmit information from one to the other nerve cells which are crucible to run our body.

Talking about the structure of our brain, the outer shell is called cortex and for our ability to think, the cells that contain this part of the brain are responsible. After that there is a brain stem which is the part of our spinal cord that is part of the spinal cord and the brain and it controls one of our involuntary actions, as well as the things related to sleep are controlled by the body.

Basal ganglia is a structure that is in the heart of the brain, which acts as a communication between different parts of the brain. The cerebellum acts as the basis for the brain and it is also responsible for the balance.

Apart from this, our brain is divided into different parts, which are responsible for different actions, for example –

  • Frontal lobes i.e. the front part which is responsible for the problem solving abilities and decision making.
  • The parietal lobes, i.e., the side part, that is, if you move the front part backwards and this part of the brain, we feel, write and control the condition of the body.
  • The part of the name of the temporal lobes controls our ability to remember and hearing.
  • The part of the name occipital lobes is that it works like a graphic card of the computer for our brain, that is, it controls our visual power.

Our mind is always covered with a special type of tissue which we call meninges, and there is a solid structure around our brain which protects us from injury, it is called cranium.

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