If You Have Gone To England To Watch Cricket World Cup Then Do Not Forget To See These Beautiful Places

This time, there is a chance for such Indians to be happy, because the World Cup is going to be the biggest cricket tournament in four years in England. In such a way, you can also cheer Team India in England and enjoy the beauty of the place. The special thing is that in addition to cricket stadiums like Lords and Oval, you can also tour football stadiums like Manchester, United, and Chelsea. It is expected that about 80000 viewers from India will visit Britain to watch the World Cup.

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According to the British High Commission (BHC), due to this year’s World Cup, more than 3500 applications are coming from India for Visa one day. This is more than the peak time of last year. They have received visa applications for more than 200,000 Indians between January and April this year. In March and April, more than 132,000 Indians have applied for a UK visa, which is 65 percent of the total applications in January-April. BHC estimates that about 80,000 of 200,000 applicants will travel to the UK to watch only the World Cup.


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The capital of England and the world’s most beautiful and happy city in London will be played first (The Oval) and the last match (Lords) in London. During this time if you are in this historic city, you can visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Churchill War Rooms and the Tower of London. Talking about food, you can taste London’s food in a famous restaurant such as The Petersham, Cricket Restaurant, Indian Accent, and Berners Tavern. Here you can relax by walking around the famous Piccadilly Square. You can sail in the River Thames and go where the Green Witch Time (GMT) starts. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the Changing the Guard Ceremonies at Buckingham Palace. If you are a fan of football, then in London, the football club is Chelsea’s stadium, which can be a tour.


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This is one of the oldest cities in England. It is known for its contemporary art and heritage. The Indian team will be up against Sri Lanka on July 6. You can visit this city in Crystal Ebay, Leeds City Museum, Ronde Park, Royal Armories, Museum and Leeds Art Gallery. At the same time, you can enjoy delicious food and drink at Millennium Square and Park Row, Bridget, Call Lane, OX Club Restaurant. The opera shows here are famous. Apart from this, you can enjoy live concerts in the First Direct Arena as you visit the NewSaam Temple.


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This city is called the land of Robin Hood. The whole city is surrounded by attractive buildings. If you are going to see the World Cup in England then you will definitely visit this cultural city. Here, Team India will clash with New Zealand on June 14 It is also called City of Caves. Here you can see the caves and jungle where Robin Hood used to walk. Nottingham Castle, Old Market Square, Newstate Abbey, City of Caves, Nottingham Cathedral are special for visiting the city.

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The Bristol city of England is settled on the banks of the River Avon. In the 19th century, this city used to be only a warehouse, but now the city is known for its abundance of restaurants and pubs. In such a situation, for cricket lovers, this city will be full of fun. Cricket fans can enjoy the Bristol Cathedral, Clifton Suspension Bridge and Lander Trowe here. Look at the comedy show in Bristol Hippodrome An exciting ride can also be enjoyed from the Bristol Harbor.


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If you are interested in knowing history, do not forget to go to Durham. This city of England is surrounded by historical heritage. Here you can go to Durham Town Hall, Durham Cathedral, the Beamish-Open Air Museum, Durham Castle and the High Force Waterfall. At the same time, you can visit Pontoari Pizza, Old Tom Gin Bar, The Town House, the Old Way Inn restaurant for dinner. You can visit the Sarah P Duke Garden in Bishop Auckland with a live open-air night show.


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This city is the second most populous city after London. Cricket World Cup 2019 is going to happen in this city. Here you will not feel that you are out of India because it is full of Indians and Pakistanis. Here you will find Indian food easily. Here you can visit Cadbury World, Drayton Manor Theme Park, Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Twikrass Zoo, Barber Institute of Fine Arts.


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This city is located in Hampshire, England. Due to years old history, this city is the center of attraction for visitors worldwide. Here you can go to famous places like Tudor House and Garden, Princess Alexandra Dock, Solent Sky and Medieval City Walls. At the same time, places like Oxford Brasserie, Olive Tree, Doc O The Bay and Dancing Man Brewery will be right to calm the stomach’s hunger. In the city on the beach, you can go to see the aquatic organisms. Here you can also play a variety of adventure games.


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This town can be called a bouquet of memories, situated in the southern coast of Welles, famous for its art, history, opera, and many great things. Here the view of nature is worth seeing. If you are here to watch the match then you will definitely go to famous places like Pembroke Castle, Define Gardens, Flat Home and Penarth Pier. At the same time, take a drink from The Clink, The Grading Shade, Zero Degree and Chapel for drinking. You can take yourself in the middle of nature by going to the Brecon Beacon National Park here for some time.

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This city of England is about 1000 years old. To roam in this small town is full of religious places as well as historical heritage. Do not forget to visit the Wivre Park, Hester came House and Garden and The Museum of Somerset when you visit the match. At the same time, to calm stomach’s hunger and thirst, go to Siouro Amor, The Willow Tree, Hideout and Mint and Mustard.


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This city is called Mecca of Football. Talk about tourism, then this city will look great enough for you. With its beautiful beauty, the best nightclubs and memorable places are enough to make your holidays fun. You can also visit the National Football Museum, Castle Field, Manchester Town Hall and the University of Manchester while watching the World Cup matches happening here. Do not worry about eating and drinking. On hunger, Manchester House, Grill on the Eli Juke and reached 63 degrees. Here you can enjoy the international celebration in Manchester. Fans of football can be here with Manchester United and Manchester City club. Both of these clubs make their stadium tours in which you can see the places where footballers like Sergio Aguero and Paul Pogba spend a lot of time.


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If you are on a visa in England then you will not have to take a separate visa to go to Scotland. In such a situation, you will also have the chance to visit this country. Harry Potter fans will enjoy playing differently here. Scotland has a position in the north of the United Kingdom. From England to Scotland’s capital, Adenbara, you can go by train and bus. Seeing Edenbara Castle here you will remember centuries old age.

Harry Potter Train:-

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Go to Scotland and enjoy the Harry Potter train, then everything remains incomplete. By sitting on this train you can see the beautiful place in Scotland. Apart from this, if you want to touch the last corner of Scotland, you can spend a night on the Isle of Skye.

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