Huawei Special Warranty Program For Smartphone Users – Full Refund Scheme

Smartphone manufacturer Huawei has introduced a warranty program due to its lack of mobile sales. Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has reported that its mobile sales have fallen by 40%, due to which they missed the revenues this year.

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For this, the company has presented this program. Under this, within two years of purchasing any smartphone of Huawei, if Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, etc. are stop working on smartphone, then the full price of that smartphone will be refunded to the user.

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In a report of Huawei Central, it has been claimed that in the above situation, the full cost of the device will be revised. However, this special warranty program has just been introduced in the Philippines right now. Through this program, the company wants to keep its smartphone stable. Declining sales of Huawei’s smartphone is one of the main reasons for launching this program. Not only this, many users are also demanding a refund of their phone.

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Talking about the first quarter figures of 2019, the company’s sales reached the second slot. Huawei’s CEO has said that the company had hoped that America would attack such a large scale at such a level. Huawei has been steadily increasing for the past decade. For the first time, the company crossed the $ 100 billion revenues figure. After the ban by the US, the company has suffered a major setback.

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