How To Put Christmas Lights On Without Hurting Yourself And The Roof

It is not possible to put up Christmas lights without a wobbly ladder, a staple gun, and a few funny slips or slip-ups. Although all this sounds amusing and funny at the same time, the whole idea of putting Christmas lights on the roof can turn out to be a disaster if you don’t know how to do it rightly. One wrong step and you can harm yourself or the roof, leading to physical and financial damages.

To avoid this fiasco, here are a few important things that the professionals of roofing Dallas suggest for overall safety.

Safety First

First, and most importantly, the professionals advise you to not walk over your roof for anything as it could result in trips and falls, and/or roof damages. Essentially, you must not walk over areas of the roof where the pitch is too steep just for the sake of placing your Santa.  

We promise it is not worth getting a fracture!

Furthermore, you might end up harming the shingles because of too much pressure or movement. If you are very much determined to still place them perfectly, it is recommended you hire a professional who can do it for you or talk to your roofing company in Dallas for help.

Also, don’t forget to place the ladders that you use to climb up on the gutters. Should the gutter’s cap break, you’d take a fall deeper than you can imagine? And don’t use a ladder that is old and wobbly. Use proper tools to avoid ruining your Christmas celebrations in any way.

Last but not least, ensure that the lights or any other items that you are trying to attach to the roof are not too heavy for the roof to bear. Make sure that the cords, etc., are intact so that the chances of a fire or anything else occurring are reduced.

Plan Ahead

Before you head to install things on the roof to do your Christmas décor, the experts of roofing in Dallas suggest developing a proper plan to keep away from chaotic situations. Check what you already have and what you need to buy from the market. And ascertain that the colors of the lights you choose go well with each other so that one color doesn’t change the color of the other by superimposing.

Thoroughly check the areas where you want to place your lights and other items. If your roof hasn’t been inspected for long, call a commercial roofing Dallas and get it done. This will not only protect you and the roof from damages but will also prep the roof for the season’s rainy, stormy days or hails. The professionals will even identify potential problems and introduce fixes to avert them. So it is going to be a 3 in 1 package!

Taking the Lights Off

Hanging Christmas lights is one thing, taking them off is another. Ensure you give yourself time to slowly and safely take things off. Don’t yank things out or else you will end up damaging the roof.

Connect with the experts at B&K Roofing and Construction to schedule a roof inspection and know about some important post-inspection guidelines before you start putting the lights on. Good luck!