How to Make Raksha Bandhan Special and Memorable for Your Brother

How To Make Raksha Bandhan Special And Memorable For Your Brother

Raksha Bandhan is a day of great celebration. Brothers and sisters cannot wait to enjoy with each other on this day. The day of Raksha Bandhan comes only once a year. Therefore, it is essential to give time for preparations. You should select and buy the Rakhi beforehand for your lovely brother.  You can place an order for personalised rakhi gifts for brother as well.

There are infinite ways in which you can make Raksha Bandhan special for your sibling. It is ‘once-in-a-year opportunity and therefore, you should make sure to plan Raksha Bandhan in a unique and interesting manner. In this article, we are listing ideas to make Raksha Bandhan special for your brother.

Play Indoor Games on Raksha Bandhan
You can plan to play indoor games with your brother on Raksha Bandhan. It is best to play the games you used to play the most in childhood. This way, you will get to cherish all those beautiful moments of childhood you spent together.

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You can choose to play Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Carom Board and cards. The games will be much more interesting if you decide on giving a prize to the winner. You can play games of chits as well. This will make you go down the memory lane. You can include your parents and family members in the games too.

Indoor games are an excellent way to celebrate as people of all groups can participate in them. You can make your kids and parents play in a team. Grandparents love to spend quality spend time with their grandson and granddaughter. All the family members will have a happy time together on Raksha Bandhan if you decide to play the fun board games.

Play Outdoor Games on Raksha Bandhan
If your brother is a fan of any outdoor game such as Cricket or Hockey, you can surprise them by playing it with them. You can play Badminton, Rugby and any of their favourite outdoor games with them. You can make two teams simply by keeping women in one group and men in another. Or you can let the captains decide who they want to pick.

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Sister can become captain of one team and brother can become captain of another team. You can record the whole match so that you can cherish the amazing moments of day again and again. If you give pompoms to children to cheer for the team, it will give the feel of a real match. Plus, children will enjoy it a lot.

You can play outdoor games in your backyard, on the roof or you can go to nearby playgrounds to play. If you have a good budget, you can also book a small stadium to play. By playing an outdoor game with your siblings and family members, your Rakha Bandhan will become memorable.

Have a Movie Marathon
Watching movies are a great way to enjoy with your family. For Raksha Bandhan, you can buy Rakhi and personalised rakhi gifts for brother through online services. After the Rakhi tying ceremony, you can visit any restaurant nearby and have your favourite with your family. You can go to movie theatre and watch movies with your sibling.

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You can also have a theatre-like feel at home, too. Just have television set up upfront in the drawing room. Place sofa, bean bags or chairs facing the television screen. You can prepare snacks of your liking, such as flavoured popcorn. You can buy the favourite snack of every family member as well. You can order food online, too.

When you are all set up, start with the favourite movie of your brother. You can watch new movies. However, watching old movies which came around when you and your sibling were children will make Raksha Bandhan much more special. You can cherish the moments of childhood with your siblings as you enjoy the films you watched together when you were kids.

You can dance when the songs play in the film. You can also record your family members enjoying themselves. You can binge-watch your favourite childhood shows rather than movies, too. It will be an amazing experience for you and your siblings.

All the ideas given here can make the celebration of Raksha Bandhan special for your brother and your whole family.