10 Things You Should Know For Take Care of Your Child in Winter

The winter season comes with various health problems for people of all ages. But most of the impact of cold falls on children. Because in this season, viruses and bacteria attack children very quickly. Due to which they suffer from colds, nose closures, difficulty in breathing, throat infections, viral diarrhea, pneumonia,

5 Effective Posture To Remove Cervical Pain

By ignoring neck pain or avoiding pain with the help of normal medicines, It grows slowly-slowly. But with the ease of pain in yoga, they can be removed from the root. Due to sitting throughout the day, sitting on the chair or sofa, not walking straight and less physical hard work,

Zika Virus is More Dangerous Than Dengue, Know What Its Prevention And Symptoms

Zika virus that has spread panic in many countries has reached India. Recently, 22 people have been found infected with Zika Virus in Jaipur. Mostly Zika virus victims are pregnant women. The children of the suffering women are born with an undeveloped brain. The disease was first detected in Latin

Ayurvedic Treatment and Cure Of Obesity

The first medical treatment for obesity in Ayurveda is the Skipping or Fasting. It is the illusion among people about the skipping that they lose their energy due to skipping, but there is nothing like that. If fasting is done properly then nobody is weak. The right way to fast

Some Tips For Maintain Health In The Changing Season

The time between the end of the rain and the beginning of the winter season is quite delicate. In this season, there is a high risk of Viral fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Cough, and Cold. According to changes in the environment, the body does not easily adapt itself. Due to the huge

Know How Can You Do The Treatment Of Your Stress With The Help Of Forest Therapy

The time passed between the hills and the rivers away from the city's fortunes can be pleasurable, rarely anywhere else in the world. Many of us are like people who like to spend their time in nature's place. But do you know that while doing so, we enjoy not only

Improve Erection Capacity and Get Rid of Obesity and Joint Pain

By cycling, the heart has great benefits and has little effect on the joints. We believe that due to this our health benefits are very high and this helps to prevent the problem of weight gain. It was believed that cycling could lead to sexual problems in men. This reduces their

Some Information About Brain Development

Brain means that the brain is the most complex part of our body, which is much more than what is understood, which is still unheard of. However, in today's era, scientists have found a complex case of complex disease and all about body parts and almost everyone knows about body