PUBG Mobile Season 7: With New Skin And Weapons Something Like This Will Change The Experience Of PUBG

The popular mobile game Player Unknown Battleground i.e. PUBG Mobile remains in the headlines. The PUBG Mobile game has to end in season 6. Such games are eagerly waiting for Season 7 of PUBG Mobile users of playing. Some information related to PUBG Mobile Season 7 is leaked. Simultaneously, information related

IPL 2019: Dhoni Is Very Happy After Reaching The Finals For The 8th Time

Defending champion Chennai Super Kings defeated Delhi Capitals in the second qualifier on Friday and made it to the IPL final for the 8th time. After winning the match captain Dhoni said that the team's bowlers prevented Delhi from scoring a big score, with the help of which Chennai could

Get More Apex Coins, Legend Tokens And Crafting Metals

This allows you to have fee-free wager matches and allows you to maximize your payouts for every match. However, we do have the Piasa Bird which is depicted as a dragon in a native American Indian mural above the Mississippi River near trendy Alton, Illinois. I mean something that

Now You Can Play PubG Mobile In Real Life – All You Need To Know

You will know about the PubG Mobile game. There is big chaos in India about PubG. In many cities there is a demand for a ban on PBG, in the meantime, there is news that can surprise you. It is news that PUBG mobile games will now be played on

PUBG Mobile’s First Anniversary : ​​These New Weapons And Vehicles Are Available In Season 6

A year has passed PUBG and so far there are many great updates in the game. Season 5 will end forever after the PBG 0.11.5 update. Season 6 will start with new Landscape, Weapon, Carts and other new things. Image Source:- In the new version, players will get an opportunity to celebrate

Couple Got Married After Finding Each Other On PubG Mobile Game – Read Their Unique Love Story

PUBG Mobile has become popular all over the world today. Users have been quite addicted to this game. People have become so busy in this game that they have no time left for their family. Children playing PUBG Mobile also include. Given this, the Gujarat government has banned the game

Chance To Win Rs.1 Crore in PUBG Tournament 2019 – You Can Be A Millionaire With Chicken Dinner

The mobile game PubG Mobile has achieved great success since its launch, and so far 20 million downloads have been downloaded. Its producer Tencent Games and PubG Corporation have announced the Oppo PubG Mobile India Series 2019, which will be the first official open-to-all tournament to be held in India. The

List Of 5 Best Android Games Of 2018 – All You About To Know

There are quite a lot of smartphones in the market. Customers choose their smartphone according to their comfort. In today's times, people also like to play full-graphic games on smartphones. Because of this, smartphone companies are paying a lot of attention to the best processor, storage, RAM and graphics in

If You Play PUBG Then These 5 Tips Will Make You Win!

There will be very few people who do not know the video game PUBG. Whether PC or mobile, this game is very popular in every gaming platform. You can play this survival game alone and also with friends. Often players play well on the game, but thieves are unable to make dinner