Couple Got Married After Finding Each Other On PubG Mobile Game – Read Their Unique Love Story

PUBG Mobile has become popular all over the world today. Users have been quite addicted to this game. People have become so busy in this game that they have no time left for their family. Children playing PUBG Mobile also include. Given this, the Gujarat government has banned the game

Chance To Win Rs.1 Crore in PUBG Tournament 2019 – You Can Be A Millionaire With Chicken Dinner

The mobile game PubG Mobile has achieved great success since its launch, and so far 20 million downloads have been downloaded. Its producer Tencent Games and PubG Corporation have announced the Oppo PubG Mobile India Series 2019, which will be the first official open-to-all tournament to be held in India. The

List Of 5 Best Android Games Of 2018 – All You About To Know

There are quite a lot of smartphones in the market. Customers choose their smartphone according to their comfort. In today's times, people also like to play full-graphic games on smartphones. Because of this, smartphone companies are paying a lot of attention to the best processor, storage, RAM and graphics in

If You Play PUBG Then These 5 Tips Will Make You Win!

There will be very few people who do not know the video game PUBG. Whether PC or mobile, this game is very popular in every gaming platform. You can play this survival game alone and also with friends. Often players play well on the game, but thieves are unable to make dinner

Team India Announced The 12-Member Team For First Test Against Australia

Team India has announced a 12-member squad for the first Test against Australia starting in Adelaide from Thursday. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced the names of 12 members through social media on Wednesday morning. India and Australia will play the first Test of the four-match

Top 5 Trending Mobile Games – Everything Should You Know

Today we have brought 5 such gaming apps for you, which has been downloaded from thousands to millions of users on Google Play Store. In these games, you get excellent music experience with 3-D visuals. You can also play many of these games with your friends. So know about the

Kuldeep Reached Top of The List, Beating All The Veteran Bowlers

In the first T20 match between India and Australia, the Indian team decided to bowl first before winning the toss, though Australia also did a fantastic job by losing toss. Khaleel Ahmed and Krunal Pandya was batted hard by the Australians, but one bowler was also against whom he had been constantly

PUBG’s Craze is Harming The Married Couples And Children

If a person is bored, then the mobile opens and downloads the game. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), playing a game causes mental health conditions to worsen. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been downloaded more than 50 million times. This game is very much discussed in the youth. But

10 Interesting Playing Cards You Should Buy

#1 Faces Playing Cards #2 Gold Playing Cards #3  24k Gold Foil Playing Cards #4 Cult Movie Cards #5 code:deck Playing Cards #6 Black Playing Cards #7 SSUR x Bicycle Playing Cards # 8 Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards #9 Pixel Playing Cards #10 3D Playing Cards by Rocca