Futuristic PAL-V Flying Car Is Available For Pre-Order – Bookings Are Started

The pre-booking of air car PAL V has started, the car who can change from driving mode to flying mode as soon as the blinking moment, which will bring you to your office by the air, avoiding traffic jams.

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The Dutch Company has Prepared It

Keeping the future in view, a car called PAL-V has been prepared. The specialty of this car is that it changes from driving mode to flying mode in just 10 minutes. That is, you do not have to worry if you get trapped in traffic jams while going to work.

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PAL-V will be transformed into a small helicopter within 10 minutes and you will land in the office by flying over the jam. This car has been prepared by Dutch company PAL-V International in the UK.

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Booking Started

PAL-V is the first flying car whose pre-booking has been started. According to Dailymail, the price of this flying car has been kept at 3,20,000 pounds i.e. around Rs 2.89 crores. It is being told that the delivery of this flying car will begin before 2020.

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Company officials say that in the beginning, this car will be available to those living in the UK, Europe, and North America. This car has three wheels and will run from petrol. This car can run 1,287 km at a time on the road and can fly up to 482 km in the air. PAL-V will run at 160 km per hour on the ground, while in the air it will fly at 180 kmph.

Landing Will Need a Place

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After the car’s huge rotor blade and the previous propeller land, the folds will be folded onto the car’s roof. Because their size is big, so the car needs to be replaced by approximately 330 meters. According to the company, legal recognition has been given to run and fly PAL-V in the UK. At the remaining places, it has to be certified under the rules of the European Aviation Protection Agency, which has started the process. The weight of this car is about 664 kg.

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