Fresh Air Is Becoming A Luxury In Delhi – Companies Are Now Selling Fresh Air In The Bottle

Take fresh air … take fresh air, calling person passes around you, it will not be a big deal. The warning of the scientists has now started to appear in front of which they had said that to protect the climate, otherwise you will have to buy these free natural resources by paying money. Given the poor quality of air in Delhi and other cities of the country, many foreign companies including Indian are selling fresh air online. You will have to spend thousands of rupees to buy this bottled air.

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These Companies Are Doing Business

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Indian company Pure Himalayan Air is selling 10 liters of air online for Rs.550. From which you can air 160 times. Foreign companies, on the other hand, are also selling fresh air online. Australia’s company Auzair has launched its air bottles in two sizes in India. The 7.5-liter bottle is priced at Rs.1500 and the 15-liter bottle is worth Rs.2000. At the same time, Canada’s company, Vitality Air, is doing business in selling clean air. On Amazon, you can easily buy a bottle of 8-litre for Rs.1200.

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Started Of Selling

The sale of clean air started in Beijing in China and now it is flourishing in China, India besides Afghanistan and Iran. Air is captured in jars. Air selling companies sell air from the remote areas of the mountain and then sell it to other places including India.

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