Former Indian Captain MS Dhoni Said: match-fixing is a bigger crime than Murder

New Delhi, Agency. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who won the World Cup in 2011, will be seen in the hot star’s drama ‘ROR of the Lion’. In this Doku drama, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be seen opening various secrets.

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said in this documentary that he will have to fix the match, not to kill the biggest crime but to match.

Let this documentary focus on returning to Chennai Super Kings (CSK) last year in the IPL. Dhoni is the captain of this IPL team. This documentary’s 45-second trailer has been released. Dhoni said in the trailer, “The team was involved in this (match-fixing), I was also accused of. It was a tough time for all of us. The return was a passionate moment and I have always said that, whatever thing you do not die, it makes you stronger.

This documentary will be shown on Hotstars from March 20. Dhoni led the Chennai franchise in 2018, brought the third IPL title and made a great comeback in the tournament. The team had a two-year ban for its management role in the 2013 spot-fixing affair.


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