Follow These Tips To Protect Your Personal Data From Hackers

In the last few days, there have been many such stories that are related to user data theft. Hackers have broken into their accounts and stole their personal information. In such a case, the biggest question arises, how the user can keep his data safe so that hackers can not access your information. In this post, we are telling you some similar ways that you can keep your online data safe.

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Keep Your Data Secure Like This:-

1. First of all, you need to find out if your data is leaked. For this, you can visit If any of your data is leaked then you will know by checking here.

2. If you find that your data is leaked, then you have to change your password immediately.

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3. Keep in mind that the password of different accounts should also be different. The use of the same password can be harmful in all accounts. This increases the chances that there may be a break in your accounts.

4. Use the Password Manager. You can use the Password Manager to manage the passwords for different accounts. You can download them from the Play Store. It includes LastPass and 1Password. Your passwords are protected here. Here you are advised to generate a password which can not be broken into the account.

5. Activate Two-Factor Authentication. If this hacker has a password for your account, it will not be able to access your account. This requires authentication twice to open an account.

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6. Turn off ad tracking too. This time, your information is shared outside.

7. If you take paid VPN, you can hide your internet traffic and the IP address from third parties. At the same time, if you use public Wi-Fi, this VPN can keep your data safe. It encrypts the data.