Finally, the Facebook Fixed the Password Leaked Glitch

Facebook said on Tuesday that it has improved the leakage of password leaks of millions of users. Due to this weakness in Facebook, more than 20,000 employees of the company can see the password of millions of users in PlaneTech format. In Facebook, this loophole came into the internal system, due to which the password of millions of users had been stored in the resizable format.

According to the Facebook report, this weakness was first marked in 2012. This flaw was first reported by cybersecurity blog Krebs On Security. According to the company, the password of any user could not see any external users other than Facebook employees. Facebook also said that we have not received any evidence so far that any user has accessed the password incorrectly by any user.

KrebsOnSecurity told a senior Facebook employee that the internal investigation of the company revealed that passwords of approximately 200 million to 600 million Facebook users were stored in the form of plain text, which could be accessed by the company’s employees.

Facebook said that we detected this shortcoming in January about a routine security review. In this drawback, most of the users using Facebook Light version were included. This Lite app of Facebook mostly uses users who have slow Internet connectivity. The social media platform also said that we would warn millions of Facebook Light users about this problem. Whereas, other Facebook and Instagram users will also be informed about this disturbance.

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