Choose These Fabrics For Style And Comfort In Summer

If you want to avoid sweating and scabies in the scorching heat then keep the clothes of good fabrics in your wardrobes. Most people choose cotton fabrics in the name of light clothing in the summer, but besides this, there are more fabrics, which will keep you cool even in

Try These Awesome Dresses To Hide Belly Fat

How to reduce weight? Most of you people will have this question in mind. If there is a question in your mind, then you have also exercised towards finding a solution and you have also been in the asylum of diet. But the fat collected on the stomach, which does

Shloka Mehta’s Cloak Tells The Love Story Of Her And Akash In The Most Beautiful Way

Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's marriage have passed a month, but they are not taking the name out of the discussion. Gradually, unseen photographs of the reception from the wedding are coming out and trending on social media. Recently some pictures of Shloka's music ceremony have been revealed, in which she

Avoid These 5 Mistakes Related To Fashion – Dress Up Tips For Your Office Parties

The office party is the time when you get a chance to know your colleagues better. During this time, you meet people from other departments, who gives you a chance to meet them. This time is perfect for you to leave a good impression. However, certain fashion related mistakes can

Khushi Kapoor Look Stunning In Black Outfit On Lakme Fashion Week

In Mumbai, Lakme Fashion Week is going on, in which so many Bollywood Actresses has scattered her glamours. For the first time on Saturday, Anil Kapoor and Jahnavi Kapoor were walking together on the ramp while walking together on this event. During this, the style of both made everyone lucky.

These 8 Traditional Sarees You Should Wear on This Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti festival is celebrated with different names in most places in India. In Punjab, where Lohri, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sakrat, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Posh Sankranti in West Bengal, and so on in Tamil is known as Pongal. In the rest of the festivals, as well as in Makar Sankranti, there is

7 Bollywood Stars Were Trolled In 2018 Due To Strange Fashion

These days the trend of sharing the look of actresses on social media is going on. From every celebrity party to red carpet look on social media platforms, from the costume to stylists and make-up artists share all the information with their followers. People love these views of Celebs and

Dressed in Colorful Clothes – Sara Ali Khan Troll For Her Dress With Ranveer Singh

For some time now, Sara Ali Khan is in the news of her dressing senses. These days, Sara is busy promoting her next movie 'Simba'. During this time, he is seen in more than one outfit, which is being discussed everywhere. Image Source:- Looking at Sara's tremendous dressing senses, she is said

These 4 Bollywood Actresses Do Not Seem To Be Married At All

There are some actresses in the film industry who are doing lead roles in films after getting married, but seeing them is not that they are married. Although the director wants to sell his film, to find the best of the Newcomer Actress, but let me tell you that there

Some Best Outfit You Can Wear On The Wedding Ceremony Of Your Best Friend

In India, wedding parties are very great, we do not leave anything unturned to make it grand and spectacular, as well as there are many programs related to it during the wedding, so what about wearing different programs, many people are confused with this. We have given some suggestions in