Far From The Crowd Of Manali – These 5 Places Are Also Full Of Adventures

Tourism fair begins in Manali as summer begins. Manali is one of the favorite destinations of people living in Delhi and the surrounding areas, and this is the reason why most crowds are seen here compared to the rest of the city. Which somewhere works to grind the angle.

In most months of the year, Manali’s crowd is similar. It is difficult to enjoy in such a way. So here are some places that are beautiful and peaceful as well.                                               Source:-http://www.keralaseasons.com/


So if you do not want to miss the beauty of Manali and also want to enjoy a lot, there are so many places from Manali that are just for vacation, Best for Vacation. Believe me, you will realize different peace and comfort. Let’s know about these places:-


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Bashisht is also near Manali, there is a place which is quite peaceful as well as beautiful. To know and see Old and Real Manali, Bashisht’s journey will prove to be a good experience. This village is situated on the banks of river Ravi at a distance of 19 km from Manali. Known for hot water springs and temples especially. In which people come to take a bath from far away because they believe that bathing in them causes many diseases of the body are removed.

The distance of Bashisht from Manali – 18.4 km (about 1 hour)

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Roaming Spots:-

  • Bashisht Temple
  • Ram Temple
  • Jogini Waterfall
  • World Peace Cafe
  • Rasta Cafe
  • Freedom Cafe


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If you want to explore a little more adventure around Manali, then turn to the Jibhi. By driving 3 hours you will reach here. Most of the crowd coming from around in the weekend stays in Manali, so there is no such excitement in these places, but if you want to enjoy Trip very comfortably then come back. Due to Nature being close, it is not difficult to guess the beauty of this place.

The distance of Jibhi from Manali- 100 km (about 3 hours)

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Roaming Spots:-

  • Jalori Pass
  • Sirolsar Lake
  • Jibhi Waterfall
  • Chehni Kothi
  • Sringa Rishi Temple


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A small beautiful village is on its way from Manali to Rohtang. On the name of Gulab Singh, the king of Kashmir, this place was named Gulaba. The lush mountains, the Beas river, and the blue sky over the clouds in the beauty of this place, four moons. Not only for roaming, but it is also a place to celebrate Picnic. Here you can also enjoy paragliding and skiing.

The distance of Gulabbagh from Manali- 20 km

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Roaming Spots:-


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Jagatsukh is also a very good place to escape from the crowd of Manali, to enjoy leisure with ease. You will have to go for an hour to reach this place falling on the way to the town castle. There are many temples here, where beauty and texture are worth seeing. Apart from this, you can buy a house made from here.

The distance of Jagatsukh from Manali- 12.7 km (47 minutes)

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Roaming Spots:-


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The view of sunrise and sunset is very unique. The Art Gallery is well-known here. Apart from this, many come here and can taste the products made by Best Bakery.

The distance of Jagatsukh from Manali- 22 km

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Roaming Spots:-

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