Domestic Cricketers Has Not Got Match Fees From BCCI For Last Two Years, These Are 5 Reasons

The ongoing Ranji Trophy season is slowly moving towards its end, but the domestic cricketer is upset. How is it going? Maybe god trusted! It is a matter of great surprise that on behalf of the world’s richest Indian Cricketer’s Control Board (BCCI), these players have not got their match fee for the last two sessions. According to their constitution, the BCCI accounts for 10.6 percent of their total annual earnings to domestic cricketers gives. Let us know that around 500 first-class cricketers take part in domestic tournaments every year.

While most players have got an annual income from their state association, at the same time 10.6 percent of the BCCI paid by the BCCI does not get the match fees. Explain that a domestic cricketer earns an average of 12-15 lakh rupees in a session.Now you can imagine what status and mood of the players they are going through. Yes, it is of course that no cricketer wants to speak clearly in the media due to the possible action of the board. Well, let us tell you what are the reasons for these domestic cricketers not getting the fees for the last two sessions from the BCCI.

According to sources, players from around twenty-five cricket associations across the country have not received the money from their BCCI side for match fees. Let us talk again that the Board divides 26 percent of its annual earnings according to its constitution. Of the 26 percent, 26 percent of the money is given to international cricketers, 10.6 percent of the domestic cricketers earned and the remaining 2.4 percent is spent on women and junior cricketers.

5 reasons –

1. The confrontation between COA and state associations regarding the implementation of the rules of the Lodha Committee

2. CoA is working on the new payment system

3. Not a single general meeting is organized after the COA takes over

4. Due to lack of meeting, accounts were not cleared. Possible to get money after organizing AGM

5. Nobody knows when AGM is organized


Overall, the ball is now in the COA’s lobe. The AGM will be organized as soon as possible, the clearance of accounts will be as fast as possible. Now COA chairman Vinod Rai takes this pain of the domestic players seriously, it will be a matter of seeing.




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