Do HCG Drops Work for Weight Loss?

Obesity is really a curse in nowadays. Not only the grownups but the young generation, even the kids are also suffering from it nowadays. Maybe, you have tried lots of methods to lose weight, but all gave you temporary relief. Have you heard of HCG drops? Yes, this weight loss method is getting enough popular today and people are really getting benefits of it. Today, you will get to know more about HCG drops. Do HCG drops work for weight loss? We will find the answer here.

The function of HCG in Your Body

HCG is basically a protein-based hormone that is produced in the women body during their pregnancy and tells them that they are pregnant. HCG maintains the secretion of other essential hormones in women’s body, like estrogen and progesterone and also maintains their level. After the first trimester, the level of HCG in the blood decreases.

How HCG Helps You in Losing Weight?

It is a well-known fact that HCG is a hormone that is produced in women’s body during pregnancy. But, how is it related to weight loss? And what is the HCG diet? Does it really help in losing weight? Actually, yes. The HCG hormone contains certain types of components that are responsible to boost up your metabolism and thus, help you to lose several pounds without making you hungry throughout the day. Along with following HCG diet, many people take HCG drops through injections that assist them to lose a large amount of fat and make you fit within lesser time. Besides the belief that HCG Liquid Drops help to lose weight, there is also a contradiction to this method. According to several experts, the HCG diet is nothing but a too low-calorie diet. Whoever follows it will automatically lose weight and they don’t need to take HCG drops additionally. So, HCG has nothing to do with weight loss.

Phases of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a low-calorie and fat-free diet that is divided into three phases-

  • Loading Phase– At the beginning of this diet, you need to start taking HCG drops and have more high-calorie and full of fat foods for two days.
  • Weight Lose Phase– In this step, you need to continue taking HCG drops and only eat 500 calories per day for the next 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Maintenance Phase– Now, you need to stop taking HCG drops. You can slowly increase having more food, but avoid sweets and starch for the next three weeks more.

While you are in phase two, you are only allowed to have two meals a day and that is lunch and dinner. The HCG meal plan contains a portion of lean protein, a piece of bread, a fruit and a vegetable.

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So, such a diet can effectively help you in losing weight. What HCG drops do is to keep you feeling full for longer hours and you don’t feel hungry, even while you are skipping breakfast and having only two meals a day.