Diwali 2018 : Ideas for Home Decorating In Budget

To decorate the house in Diwali, many things are available, but if you are trying to decorate the house in the budget, then we will tell you about some such things.

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With the preparations of Diwali, the house starts cleaning and decoration work. First, where people had only lamps in the name of decoration, there are so many things available that you can use to decorate the house. And the best part is that you can choose them by looking at the size and budget of your house.

Decorate Your House With These Lights In High Budget

Decorate With Different Types Of Electric Lights

There are various types of electric lights in the market. From whom the house can be decorated on the occasion of Diwali. Know about these lights with different variations.

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Such lights can decorate the house in Diwali. Colourful LED lights are enough to illuminate the entire house. But the more beautiful they look, the more fragile it is. So keep them carefully.

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These candles can not be burnt without you even lighting your home. Yes, because they are remote-based or electric. And then there is also an option to change colour. That makes your home decoration even more beautiful.

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Decorating the house from Lantern is done earlier and is still being done today. If you are looking to give a traditional look to the house in Diwali then Lantern will be the best for this. Lanterns, made of cloth and paper can be used to decorate the house even after Diwali.

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Flowers, fruits and many different shapes and sizes are available for decoration. The lights are decorated with Diwali for best option. This is because it does not look light on light during the day but it is as beautiful as the night after light.

The Best Option To Decorate The Home In Low Budget

If your house is small and the budget is too low then there is a choice of Lamps, Rangoli and Candle by which you can give your home a new and beautiful look.

  • Decorate your house with Lamps

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In Diwali, the custom of decorating the house with lamps is long enough. When Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years, the entire town was decorated with lamps by the city dwellers. Which is still intact. Lamps are the best options to decorate the house in a low budget.

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You can make the house beautiful by making Rangoli with different colours. Apart from the colours, flowers and lamps are also used to make Rangoli. In many places, there is a custom of making Rangoli from roasted rice and turmeric.

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Floating candles also work in the decoration of the house. They can also be decorated at home centre tables, corner tables or dinner tables. Small floating candles in the water do not even make the house dirty.

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You can use the flowers of marigold, rose and jasmine in the decor of Diwali. From Rangoli to the pylon and floating candle, you should decorate the corner of the house by placing water in the bowl and placing flower in it.

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